24 Oct

60 minutes season 52 episode 41

In the 60 Minutes segment footage was shown of an Audi 5000 with the accelerator "moving down on its own", accelerating the car. [28] Previously the show had a partnership with Yahoo!

As a rule, during that era, news programming during prime time lost money; networks mainly scheduled public affairs programs in prime time in order to bolster the prestige of their news departments, and thus boost ratings for the regular evening newscasts, which were seen by far more people than documentaries and the like. The opening sequence features a 60 Minutes "magazine cover" with the show's trademark, an Aristo stopwatch, intercut with preview clips of the episode's stories. [59], The New York Times wrote that "the traditions of Edward R. Murrow and "60 Minutes" itself were diluted in the process,"[60] though the newspaper revised the quote slightly, suggesting that 60 Minutes and CBS had "betrayed the legacy of Edward R. Murrow". In March 2010, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal in the case, and the policy limiting media access to death row inmates remains in place. The Australian version of 60 Minutes premiered on February 11, 1979.

[74] The FBI, which had interviewed Davies several times and considered him a credible source,[75] said the account Davies had given them was different than what he told 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes was broadcast by rival network TV3, before switching to the Sky Television owned Prime channel in 2013, when the contract changed hands. [47], In 1983, a report by Morley Safer, "Lenell Geter's in Jail", helped exonerate a Texas man who was wrongly convicted and imprisoned for armed robbery.[48]. Because nearly all affiliates found production costs for the FCC's intended goal of increased public affairs programming very high and the ratings (and by association, advertising revenues) low, making it mostly unprofitable, the FCC created an exception for network-authored news and public affairs shows. [91] However, a widely known controversy which came to be known as "Rathergate", regarding a report that aired on September 8, 2004, caused another name change.

[5], The program employed a magazine format similar to that of the Canadian program W5, which had premiered two years earlier.

Sneak Peek. "[58], In 1995, former Brown & Williamson Vice President for Research and Development Jeffrey Wigand provided information to 60 Minutes producer Lowell Bergman that B&W had systematically hidden the health risks of their cigarettes (see transcription). CBS refuses to show the entire interview, and has stated no reasons.

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