24 Oct

ala kul trek

Food was 300-400 som/meal. Slowly but steadily we inched closer. Budget: Duet Hostel: An affordable hostel with a big common area. The blue alpine lake is just stunning, located at 3500 meters, and surrounded by majestic mountains. For a generic guide to trekking in the country, including tips + packing list, read my hiking guide to Kyrgyzstan, Costs Almost immediately we were climbing up steep rocks next to a roaring waterfall. I’m so jealous of this trek!Thanks for sharing guys Awesome post! We felt we were in heaven, going on a real trek like proper adventurers in these beautiful surroundings. Couple of questions a) how far away was that glacier ? If you think going up was challenging, going down from this pass is 10 times more. Is it possible to do this as a solo female hiker? I was just wondering whether you brought/carried your own tent around Kyrgyzstan or hired one there? Here is: A complete guide to 3 weeks traveling in Kyrgyzstan, What to pack and things to prepare for Ala kul. This is the highest point on the trail standing at 3800m and the view from up here is why this hike is worth doing. It feels like you can almost reach for the top, but it was much further away than it seemed. Andrea. The walk back to Ak-Suu is 15km, mostly downhill with stunning views. The wind picked up and it started to hail but, fortunately, it didn’t last for very long. Thanks for the reply, it came in time:) We visited Karakol’s CBT and indeed they had a map and like other CBTs (and like in your case), they allowed to take a picture of it. The problem is that it requires at least 3 days to hike the entire trail and this might turn some of you off a bit. Finally after an arduous climb, we came over a final summit that revealed Ala-kul in all of its turquoise beauty. Ala kul lake is alpine lake. The trek itself was absolutely breathtaking (in more ways than one) and we will definitely recommend it to fellow travellers as one of the greatest treks we’ve ever done! Is the trail straightforward to follow if you have the map from.CBT? I’m writing this article nearly a week after finishing the trek and our calf muscles are still extremely sore! You’ll find approximately 5 between the river crossing on day 1 (when it starts to get really tough), and Altyn Arashan. THanks! love your page and all the information you provide! We started from Karakol city and by car to Karakol valley till bridge. The landscape amazing, very beautiful mountains. Kevin. We recommend having a map and compass for sure. We found that we used the gear enough to make it worthwhile – even just using sleeping bags in gers! Do you know a website or a source for the GPS data? You will know you are at the end of the first section when you arrive at a sign near a small bridge on your left. It was sunny, beautiful blue skies the whole time we had been hiking this day. Here’s a. And, if you want a more off-track trekking trip, head to the nearby village of Jyrgalan (45 minutes from Karakol) to check out the Keskenkija Trail that we just marked out in June, 2017! All about travel preparation, planning, packing & saving. You can watch my all my travel videos from Central Asia here: Looking for more travel guides for Central Asia? The sun was out, and it was peaceful, walking next to a river and through beautiful forest. But, in our opinion, you are missing out on too much by doing that. After being satisfied with the amazing views we started the trip down. You can fly into Bishkek and then from Bishkek, go to the west bus station and take one of the many marshrutkas going to Karakol hourly. If you’ve had enough walking at this point, it is possible to catch a 4×4 from Altyn Arashan to Ak-Suu. Hi Andrea You can’t sleep inside the hut, it’s full of wood and other random things! It was a very cool moment, seeing the impressive blue Ala-Kul lake in all its glory. From here, the trail will become tricky due to thick forest and multiple intersection you will come across.
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After continuing for a bit, we came to the foot of the pass. The entire first section of the walk will take you around 3 hours and by 12 PM, you should reach the end of the first section. cool trek! How was the trek for you when you did it in October? Read: Their expert advice has been featured on the Lonely Planet, CNN Money, Business Insider,  WiseBread and Forbes and they also spoke at the World Tourism Forum in Istanbul about the business of travel blogging. More information, Before your trip, remember to get a few good books about the region, and here you can check the best books on Central Asia & the Silk Road.

Follow this path for about 15 minutes and you will come across the hot springs. For the first bit, we walked up along a river and came across a few waterfalls.

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