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alsace wine gewurztraminer

Traminette is more cold-tolerant than the original, while maintaining most of the desirable taste and aroma characteristics. It allows your taste-buds to be fully awake and is ideal for an aperitif. In the past it was known under the name of Traminer, when its wine was a … It’s also perfect with biscuits or cakes or any slightly-sweet desserts. I appeal to all your senses with my intensity, delicacy, vitality and complexity. Galet believed that a musqué ('muscat-like') mutation in the Red Traminer/Savagnin rose then led to the extra-aromatic Gewürztraminer, although in Germany these names are all regarded as synonymous.

On a totally different level, Gewurztraminer is superb with strong-tasting cheese-plate assortments. Traminer is recorded in Tramin from ca. What is certain is that the name "Traminer" derives from the town of Tramin. Whether the Gewürz- mutant originated there or not is an open question, but it is certainly grown there today.

The early-ripening Siegerrebe is the result of a cross with Madeleine Angevine at Alzey and is notable for producing the highest ever must weight recorded in Germany, 326 °Oechsle. Canadian wine regions where it is grown include Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, the Niagara Peninsula, and the north shore of Lake Erie and Prince Edward County wine regions of Ontario. Davis to make Flora, which is grown a little in California and New Zealand – in the latter it was mistaken for a late-ripening clone of Pinot gris. The sweetness of these dishes requires a silky and generous wine. The German name Gewürztraminer literally means "Spice Traminer"[3] or "Perfumed Traminer", and originally comes from the Alsace region in France. Resembling a charming smile, it sports its unparalleled fruitiness to complement an apricot tart, chocolate with exotic fruit or a crème caramel. Furthermore most of these dishes are liberally endowed with very spicy aromatic herbs and spices which so beautifully characterise Thai cuisine (lemongrass, turmeric…), Indian (coriander, cumin, garam masala), Indonesian (coconut milk, turmeric, chilli) or Moroccan (cinnamon, cloves, hot peppers). Styles of Gewurztraminer d'Alsace [fr] range from the very dry Trimbach house style to the very sweet. In the New World, the grape is grown in Northern Michigan, though it is perhaps most successful in New Zealand, in Mendoza, the most important wine region of Argentina and in the far south of Chile.

Confusingly, both pink and green grapes may be called simply Traminer. The longer name was first used in Alsace in 1870 – without the umlaut. In the past it was known under the name of Traminer, when its wine was a little less powerful. In 1973 the name Traminer was discontinued in Alsace except for in the Heiligenstein area. The variety's high natural sugar means that it is popular for making dessert wine, both vendange tardive and the noble rot-affected Sélection de Grains Nobles. The rich, intense and full-bodied character of Gewurztraminer exquisitely unravels on the palate, revealing an astonishing congregation of varied fruits, flowers and spices! The story goes that in 1780 Karl Friedrich, Grand Duke of Baden brought vines from Chiavenna in Italy, halfway between Tramin and the Jura, which was known to the Germans as Cleven. Antcliff crossed Gewürztraminer with Merbein 29-56 to create the white grape variety Taminga. Australian Gewürztraminer is more notable for its occasional use of old names like Traminer Musqué and Gentil Rose Aromatique than the actual quality of the wines. 1000 until the 16th century. In 1970s, Czech winemaker and grape breeder Ing. This grape variety is a mutation of the Savagnin blanc, also named Traminer in South Tyrol (northern Italy). Gewürztraminer is particularly fussy about soil and climate. The famous ampelographer Pierre Galet thought that Traminer was identical to the green-skinned Savagnin blanc (not Sauvignon blanc) that makes vin jaune in the Jura. In Europe, the grape is grown in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and in Turkey.

Munster, Maroilles, Pont-l’Évêque and Livarot have similar aromatic intensity which is perfectly matched by the fruitiness and weighty palate of this wine.

Brown Bros blend it with Orange Muscat in Australia. In the Middle East, the grape is grown in the Golan Heights.

It is not clear what this name change represents, as it seems too great a coincidence that the musqué mutation happened just after the arrival of the great phylloxera epidemic. The Germans go for a relatively dry style, that tries to subdue the natural flamboyance of the grape. In the Middle East, the grape is grown in the Golan Heights.

Landscapes, stories, rendez-vous... Browse through the real-time album of the vineyard and follow the hectic life of Alsace wines around the world! In English, it is sometimes referred to colloquially as Gewürz (/ɡəˈvʊərts, -ˈvɜːrts/; although this is never the case in German, because "Gewürz" means "herb" or "spice"), and in French it is written Gewurztraminer (without the umlaut). Cserszegi fűszeres is the result of a Hungarian cross with Irsai Oliver. In a small, conical shape, it’s rather loose. In 1965, Gewürztraminer was crossed with Joannes Seyve 23.416 at the University of Illinois to produce a hybrid variety called Traminette. Frankisch in Austria, Gringet in Savoie, Heida in Switzerland, Formentin in Hungary and Grumin from Bohemia are all very similar to Savagnin blanc and probably represent clones of the Traminer family, if not Traminer itself. Its smooth and enticing character is like an invitation to exceptional sensorial experiences. In Europe, the grape is grown in Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and in Turkey. The vine is vigorous, even unruly, but it hates chalky soils and is very susceptible to disease. [7], During a series of trials between 1924 and 1930, Gewürztraminer was crossed with Trebbiano to create the pink-skinned Italian wine grape variety Manzoni rosa.[8]. Incredible garden of nature and culture, the Alsace wine-growing area is crossed by its famous Wine Route - a unique trail with postcard-perfect landscapes!

Naturally complex and with an exuberant expression, this wine is extremely versatile when paired with food. I am undoubtedly the most extroverted and most extravagant of Alsace wines. Pálava is grown in Moravia (Czech Republic) and Slovakia. Here Gewurztraminer reveals the extent of its intensity, its volume and its extraordinary finish. All aboard for a gourmet journey with seasonal products and cuisine from all over the world! Gewurztraminer is a particularly aromatic selection of an age-old recognised varietal in Alsace, the Traminer rose. Wines tailored for keeping and haute cuisine. Gewürztraminer is a variety with a pink to red skin colour, which makes it a "white wine grape" as opposed to the blue to black-skinned varieties commonly referred to as "red wine grapes".

The Germans have tried hard to breed the flavours of Gewürztraminer into vines that are easier to grow. Gewurztraminer Born in Alsace, France, in the 19th century as a mutation of Traminer (or Savagnin), Gewürztraminer became popular in its home region, and spread from there into Germany and Austria.

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