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Sudhansu S. Sahoo, Suneet Singh & Rangan Banerjee, "Thermal hydraulic simulation of Eight key research themes have been identified: Also includes external supervisor from CSIRO, Also includes external supervisor from Orica, Also includes an external supervisor from TCS, Also includes external supervisor from BHPB, Also includes an external supervisor from CSIRO, Also includes external supervisor from ORICA, Administrative Supervisor: Prof. Narasimhan, Address Investigating the link between anti-microbial activity and amyloid formation in frog peptides, Petrophysics and Rock physics modelling of carbonate reservoirs, Agile sensing and imaging platform for bio-marker discovery, On the joint investigation of flow and thermal fields during vortex induced heat transfer enhancement, Modeling and simulations of collective motion and pattern formation in tissues, Cluster and conquer: structure and dynamics of self-organized colonization of soft materials by populations of active, self-propelled particles. Proteins and nanoscale surfaces- is there synergy? Ashish M. Mishra & Suneet Singh, “Non-linear stability analysis of uniformly heated True representations of microstructural, Chemical and Biological Remediation Methods for Coal Acidic Mine, Speech Processing and Voice Analytics for a Farming Advisory system, Role of textured surfaces in determining flow, Effect of sleep disruption on cognitive performance and its relevance, Modelliig geophysical signatures for rift tectonics and basin, Enhancement of 2D sketcher for sophisticated CAD drawings applications, Infrastructure Engineering, Nanotechnology, Wear, corrosion and oxidation behaviour of electrodeposited, Rainfall induced landslides in residual soils, Cognition and Mind in Indian and Western Traditions, Statistical Machine Translation for resource, Process reconciliation from logs, messages and local views, Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture,Clean Energy,Nanotechnology, Main Supervisor: Prof. Anupama kowli, Prof. S A Khaparde, Calcium Ion Channel Blockers as Leads for the Treatment of Neuropathic, Investigation of influence of scale effects of strength and failure, Advanced computational engineering, Water, Geospatial monitoring of opencast mines waste dumps to predict the, Steal Functions: Creating Digital Objects With Low Visibility, Investigations on valorisation of top gas in blast furnace iron making, Effect of sleep deprivation on decision making and vigilance among, Geological effects on the propagation of ground vibrations produced by, Unravelling the Successful stories of Private-led Healthcare Units in, Nanostructured Copper Devices Fabricated with Photon Curing, Structure and Deformation of Lithosphere in the Andaman basin, and, Morphological and rheological characterization of immiscible polymer, Influence of Packing of Organic Semiconductor on Photoinduced Charge, Advanced Computational Engineering simulation and manufacture, Nano Technology, Selective phase crystallization using nucleating agents in isotactic, Active learning on graphical models (applied to Information, Improvement in current MT system by incorporating hierarchical factor, Functional Coordination Networks and Cages for Molecular Applications, Design of energy efficient cryptographic Co-processors, Advanced computational engineering, simulation and manufacture ,Nano Technology, Microfluidics for electrospinning: Behavior of an electrified polymer, Scaling up Relation Extraction through Distant Supervision to millions, Development of Stimuli Responsive Materials for Energy Applications, Advanced computational engineering, simulation and manufacture ,Infrastructure Engineering and Clean Energy, Professor Y Ahmet Sekerciogulu, Also includes an external supervisor from CISCO, Dispersion of Graphene bundle (intercalated / exfoliated graphite) in, A new paradigm that enables big data mining, Latent factor analysis in MML Bayesian nets, Quantifying intelligence and its emergence, Modeling of localised corrosion in light metals (A), Coding techniques for 5G wireless communications, Numerical methods for free boundary problems in three dimensions with, Mixing in stratified fluids due to micro-swimmers, Communication Schemes for Next-Generation Wireless Networks Powered by, Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture, Nanotechnology. Nanofiller Incorporated Co-continuous Binary Polymer Blends: Design, Synthesis and Application of biocatalysts for Continuous Flow, Modeling and simulation of collective surface colonization by swarms, Generating Live gene expression tools for use in algal molecular, Gaussian Process Driven Big Data Modelling and Prediction in Geoscience Domain, Gaussian Process Driven Modelling and Prediction in Earth Systems, Autonomous mapping in the presence of dynamic obstacles using, Nanomaterials enabled Palpation device for cancer detection, Evaluation of organic-inorganic hybrid nanocomposites for applications, Advanced computational engineering, simulation and manufacture,Biotechnology and Stem Cell Research, Anurag Sharma Also includes an external supervisor from CTARA, Linkages of HDI to Nutrition in a Transient Economy of India, Extraction of bioactive compounds from horticultural processing, Micro-mechanisms of plasticity and fracture in alloys produced by, Clean Energy, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Bioactives and Natural Dyes From Food and Agricultural Waste Sources, Solid settling in sheared non-Newtonian fluids, Engineering advanced enzyme biocatalysts for synthesis of chiral drug, Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture,Clean Energy, Development of NEW heterogeneous catalyst for SELECTIVE production OF, Multiscale Modelling of Composite Laminates using Meshless Methods, Convex optimization approaches to structured global optimization, Droughts in a changing climate: an integrated multivariate approach, Novel health monitoring system with analysis for patients with mental, Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture,clean energy, Develop a microkinetic model framework for heterogeneously catalyzed, Cellulose nanofibers recovery from fruits waste, Multi-physics numerical modelling for bio-effects mapping, Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture, Humanities and social sciences, Sustainability based recycling planning using multi-criteria decision, Solid-State Lithium ­ Sulfur Battery operating at low temperature, Integrity Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using, Low-coordinate monomeric lanthanoid chalcogenolates, Fractional Factorial and Related Designs ­ Optimality and, Dr. Jane Muir, Co-supervisor: Prof Peter Gibson, Development of Health foods from xylan rich sources, Metal Mediated Synthesis of Nitroalkanes, Nitroolefins and, Strategic Design of Service Supply Chains, New models and algorithms for decentralized and adaptive coverage. 103, pp. 41-56, 2016. Alternative Sexualities, Queer Cultures: Negotiations, Performances, Humanities and Social Sciences, Clean Energy, The value, implementation and uptake of distributed generation, Tuning the dimensions of 2D materials with nanoscale machining, Synthesis and Utility of the Nickel Complexes of N/O-functionalized, Biotechnology and Stem Cell Research, Design, Characterizing membrane mimetic biosensors: Towards cell free, Understanding water-energy interactions and hydrologic partitioning in, Finding cues for metabolism inside giant virus particles- Are, Graphene Coating for Remarkable Corrosion Resistance: Mechanistic, Nanotechnology structured Alloys for Corrosion Resistance, Prof. Glen Deacon Co-Supervisor: Prof. David Turner, Structural studies on lanthanide complexes with amino acids and, Mitigation of wave forces on coastal bridges, Computational Phylogenetics for Variant Manuscripts, Distributed coordination of mobile visual sensor network for boundary, Gasification characteristics of and chemicals production from low-rank, Advanced Electrode Materials by 2D Layered Materials Exfoliation, Agent-based modeling of multi-scale systems for sustainability, An Immersed-Boundary method based fluid-structure interaction (FSI), Jian Zhao,Co-Supervisor Qianbing Zhang, The geomechanics of reservoir due to the extraction of fluids or, Integrated Biorefinery Concept from Pomegranate Processing Waste, Infrastructure Engineering, Clean Energy, Water, Building Artificial Soils from Industrial Waste Products for Mine, Water, Biotechnology and Stem Cell Research, Structural characterisation of enzymes for biotechnological, Speeding up complex analytics and natural language processing tasks, Disambiguation and Multilinguality Enabled Sentiment Analysis, Experimental and modeling studies of metal/2D layered semiconductor, Advanced Computational Engineering, Simulation and Manufacture, Infrastructure Engineering, Water, Nanotechnology, Design load estimation due to debris flow during tsunami, Multilingual Sentiment Analysis and Summarization along with Ontology.

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