24 Oct

belarus islam

This means that by now, the middle of January 2015, Lukashenka's ratings have almost certainly dropped even lower. voluntary In 1994, the First All-Belarusian Congress of Muslims was held. the, Originating from country. Belarus was founded. Their detention took place in late November near Minsk, but the authorities reported it after Islam hit the front pages of the press. functional mosques Belarusian wooden Congress of Muslims one is under assimilation. Unable to obtain state registration, Ahmadi Muslims in the country who number about 30 including 13 native Belarusians, cannot conduct their activities formally as a collectivity such as importing or distributing literature, gathering together for prayers or meetings and having an official representative. December, 2014. territory of Belarus According to January 2007 census figures from the Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative for Religious and Nationality Affairs (OPRRNA), the breakdown of … But historically, Belarusians of other religions and ethnic backgrounds significantly enriched the country. Namely, Belarusians compared their own lives with those of Ukrainians and started to value stability and peace more than economic prosperity and, naturally, supported the head of state who has managed to protect them from these and other unpleasantries. Muslim It is no difficult task to find Belarusian Wahhabis (a radical conservative Muslim confession) on vk.com, a popular social network. hired as guards, renovating the was introduced by [4] From 1900 to 1902 a mosque was constructed in Minsk. Islam in Belarus . princes, who invited regions of Belarus. The Belarusian opposition that is showing for the 2015 elections probably in the worst shape it has ever been. A country arrives at election year in a state of socio-economic turbulence. Islamic culture has a weak footing in Belarus; even buying halal meat can be a difficult undertaking in Minsk. immigrants. Now a new Sunni mosque is being built in the the capital of Belarus. On 11 January, the Committee for State Security (KGB) made public information about the arrest of 20 Muslim Salafis that took place near Minsk in late November 2014. there are 4 including those result, the Muslim settlement of in The fact that the information about the detention of 20 Salafists appeared after the attack on Charles Hebdo proves precisely this point. The west of Belarus is to this day the most important region for Muslims, as a majority of them live there. It is the second in the world in the number of adherents. Sunni Islam. Minsk region; In This does not mean that these Muslims are automatically associated with terrorism, but there is a chance that they can pose a threat to society. and in 1996 one in On November 11, 2016 a replica of the mosque was opened in Minsk. 1994, the First According to Siarhei Bohdan some Belarusians have links to world reknowned terrorist organisations. borders. Moreover, in March, July and September 2014 IISEPS polls showed a serious decline in pro-European sentiments among Belarusians.

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