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Authorities banned the ride and the meetings, citing lack of the church group’s coordination with traffic police and claiming, “Mass events in the proposed formats in towns en route are not considered possible.”. The Office of the Plenipotentiary Representative for Religious and Nationality Affairs (OPRRNA) regulates all religious matters. Next up are Germany and the UK, each representing 11.48% of total project numbers. The law prohibits religious groups from conducting activities in any school without identifying themselves. The ethnic majority in Belarus are called Belarusians. The law recognizes the “determining role” of the BOC in the development of the traditions of the people as well as the historical importance of religious groups commonly referred to as “traditional” faiths”: Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, and evangelical Lutheranism. While the church continued to use the space for religious purposes, it remained unable to obtain proof of ownership from the authorities and had no access to electricity. For example, some Protestant communities continued to report they were able to conclude only short-term lease agreements with the owners of the facilities the communities rented, which allowed authorities to pressure owners to terminate or not renew lease agreements as a means of preventing religious activities. Religious groups, especially Protestants and Jehovah’s Witnesses, continued to report they remained cautious about proselytizing and distributing religious materials due to what they said was the general atmosphere of intimidation and fear of punishment. Students who wish to participate in voluntary “moral, civic, and patriotic education” in collaboration with religious groups must either provide a written statement expressing their desire to participate or secure their legal guardians’ approval. Authorities arrested him for posting Nazi symbols online on August 9, and he pleaded guilty. The country is a party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Forum 18 said he returned to Poland after serving as a priest in the region for almost 10 years. In May a higher court dismissed their appeal, upholding their conviction. Azerbaijan Demographics Population Religion Percentage 2017 by City Immigrants, Next Article » Religious freedom is in the American bloodstream. The government continued surveillance on minority religious groups of various Protestant denominations, especially those it labeled “foreign” or “cults.” According to various observers, government ideology officers continued to monitor the activities of members of unregistered religious groups in their workplaces, although there were no reports of prosecutions. 2017 Report on International Religious Freedom: Belarus. Where fundamental freedoms of religion, expression, press, and peaceful assembly are under attack, we find conflict, instability, and terrorism. The constitution grants individuals the freedom to profess any religious beliefs and to participate in the performance of acts of worship not prohibited by law. I look forward to working with you on it. The law bans all religious activity by unregistered groups and subjects group members to penalties ranging from unspecified fines to two years in prison. On May 16, a higher court dismissed their appeal challenging their convictions. Some groups remained reluctant to apply for registration, reportedly due to fear of harassment and punishment. On November 10, Fokin’s brother received a fine of 460 rubles ($230) for organizing a demonstration without permission from local authorities. The government continued the requirement for students to use textbooks that representatives of nontraditional religious groups said promoted intolerance towards them, citing chapters in the books that labeled such groups as “sects.” The government did not make changes to these textbooks despite continued requests from religious groups to do so. It stipulates all faiths are equal before the law. Net migration rate: 0.7 migrant(s)/1,000 population (2016 est.) It documents, across 200 countries and territories, reports of violations and abuses committed by governments, terrorist groups, and individuals so that we may work together to solve them. By law, individuals who evade alternative civilian service may face up to five years in prison. 2019 2018 2017 2016. In September embassy officials and a visiting U.S. delegation met with officials from the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs as well as prosecutors to discuss concerns related to the preservation of Jewish heritage sites. The Bible Society, an interconfessional Christian fellowship center, continued to print and distribute copies of the Bible and other religious literature, including donating Bibles to a children’s home and a hospital in January. It brings to light the state of religious freedom all over the world. On November 16, the Mahilyou police detained two local residents and charged them with stealing parts of metal fencing from graves at a local Jewish cemetery. Jewish religious communities joined the group in 2015. They also said the BOC remained able to proselytize freely and, unlike other religious groups, continued to participate in government-sponsored public events such as rallies without the need to seek prior approval from authorities. OPRRNA must grant permission before foreign religious workers may serve in local congregations, teach or study at local institutions, or participate in charitable work. According to religious leaders, state security officers also continued to attend religious services of registered Protestant communities to conduct surveillance, which group members described as intimidation and harassment. Ambassador Brownback, thank you for this putting this together. Christian groups continued to state the registration requirements for religious groups remained complex and difficult to fulfill, which they said restricted their activities, suppressed freedom of religion, and legalized criminal prosecution of individuals for their religious beliefs. Foreign ministry official told the JTA in a statement, however, that sampling for human remains conducted in March in the presence of Rabbi David Kantarovich demonstrated the “absence of human remains in the land,” and the rabbi’s community determined there was “no reason to fear the construction would disturb human remains.” The contractor and the local Jewish community reportedly signed an agreement to cooperate and take appropriate action in the case anything was unearthed at the site. All three pleaded guilty and admitted to expressing ultraright Nazi ideas and to belonging to a local skinhead group. The BOC has 1,681 religious communities, 15 dioceses, seven schools, 35 monasteries, 15 brotherhoods, and 10 sisterhoods. I have a number of examples here. At the same time, they said, authorities continued to grant BOC and Roman Catholic clergy permission to visit believers in prison on a regular basis, and many prisons had designated Orthodox religious facilities. A concordat between the government and the BOC provides the BOC with autonomy in its internal affairs, freedom to perform religious rites and other activities, and a special relationship with the state. The government also continued its surveillance of minority and unregistered religious groups, especially those it labeled as “foreign” or “cults.” Human rights groups said that while BOC and Roman Catholic clergy had access to prisoners of their faiths, Muslim, Protestant, and clergy from nontraditional faiths did not. The share of its rural population decreased from 70% in 1959 to less than 30% in the 2000s. The authorities continued to permit the BOC to collect charitable donations in public as well as on its religious property. Our founders understood it as our first freedom. National Muslim associations include the Muslim Religious Association and Spiritual Board of Muslims. Originally a highly agrarian country with nearly 80% of its population in rural areas, Belarus has been undergoing a process of continuous urbanization. It will not just be a discussion group. Church leadership continued to meet with Minsk city authorities to negotiate the status and operations of the church, but without result at the end of the year. On May 23, a representative of OPRRNA, Andrei Aryayev, told Forum 18 the office had the right not to give a reason for denial. The law on religion specifically bans the restitution of seized property currently used for cultural or sports purposes. OPPRNA reportedly extended their permits until “the situation was further examined.”. According to the law, “such education shall raise awareness among the youth against any religious groups whose activities are aimed at undermining Belarus’ sovereignty, civic accord, and constitutional system or at violating human rights and freedoms.”. Smaller religious groups together constituting approximately 2 percent of the population include Jews; Muslims; Greek Catholics (“Uniates”); Old Believers (both those who practice their faith with priests, usually termed “priestist,” and those who practice their faith without priests, usually termed “priestless”); and other Orthodox groups in addition to the BOC. In the interview, he described the problems experienced by foreign priests: newly arrived priests had to undergo a lengthy approval process before obtaining permission to celebrate Mass; they were often issued a visa for only three to six months; and they often encountered administrative difficulties when trying to renew visas.

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