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chanbaek real sasaeng

Those photos would be a big dating rumour, right? Y—your confession is too late.”. I watched this video on YouTube where a Korean ex-sasaeng was interviewd. !Stay strong exo...these r jst some flies with ASD(attention seeking disorder) and since they don't have a private life they don't understand what privacy means...don't worry I'll teach them if I ever come across em!

They are the Korean counterparts of the Japanese Yarakishi. His eyes stared at Kyungsoo’s eyes with undefined stare. “Ok. Except one... the fact that his roommate is straight, and he is not. Basically, this sasaeng is a BaekYeon shipper and she hates Chanbaek shippers. It was October 27, 2009 when I fell in love with him. That is really scary... :'( poor exo. Kyungsoo couldn’t think properly in this scary condition, so he chose to ask a question again. This is notfunny anymore. What do you want? Seeing the boy smile made Jongin smile. Fucking cold inside, smoking hot outside. So what could go wrong with this romcom? Contact me on twitter for more information: @mikiashita All of those things were just memories for him, and he had to left those things behind. Intellectually disabled.

But what happens when Chanyeol gets to read it? Recently here are two more sasaeng events but I'll just add them next week. “And your shock expression makes my heart hurts. I mean seriously don't u saesangs have a private life?K fine u r fans BT don't u have any other work than stealing boxers!What wud u get stealing someone's boxers... How could u even touch it...d u know anything about hygiene?? I bet they can't wait to enter the military to get a break from it all without breaching their contract. Nooooooo. The happy couple was not aware of the stares from a man in the corner of the room. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. sadly, there is already a few handful of pics of the exo boys in their dorms (sleeping) by sasaengs. The photo was just too sweet for him. If Chanyeol knows one thing, it’s that only he can be the best. “A—are you a stalker?” asked Kyungsoo. Sadly enough, sometimes he can't control his fanboy feelings whenever he's near the smaller male. The driver smirked, then he knelt down in front of Kyungsoo. I'm about to overdose on Jesus now. I came across a sasaeng (kkttyy89) lately and followed her using an anonymous account I have and I manged to follow her on IG since it's on private. AND YANDERE!! From those photos we could conclude that the man is an idol, specifically, a singer. Baekhyun accepts the challenge, but soon finds that spending more time around Chanyeol only serves to resurrect some long-buried feelings, as well as a few old habits. loyal my ass, this is called stalking. He was pretty sure that this was the first time he heard that name. !Saesang fans u r a shame!!! wow!i feel bad for them..both sasaengs fans (lunatics) and EXO member..well,it's the price for fame.

Kyungsoo smiled softly. I feel embarrassed just from these articles. His eyes showed that he was angry yet he also felt afraid. Baekhyun has a masochistic habit of eavesdropping on the confessions Chanyeol receives. The one who covered his nose was no other than…. They're demented and obssesed ������. The couple talked to each other about the dress and tuxedo. He wasn’t on the stages and sang beautifully, but he was on various places off stage. A man was no other than…. GYAAH It's hard to keep track of the news regarding this issue, but here I am adding a few more tidbits about the EXO sasaeng adventure! This is my first attemp to write story in English. Kim Yeoshin added glue in coffee & gave it to DBSK's Yunho (U-Know). they almost get killed in airports. Yep. Four scenes of creepiness that happened to four different people. !” Kyungsoo screamed. hey jeongshin chanyeol eojjyeoda ingan naega mameul baekhyun beoryona, (fic fests/fic exchanges/fic recs/other accs), Chanyeol time travels back to the past to kill a chicken, How To Get Famous (for all the wrong reasons), all's fair in the name of fame (and revenge), Lightsticks, Photobooks and a Picture of You, Now and Forever (It’s A Wonderful Journey), P.C. He was too blind because of an adorable and perfect man in front of him. Baekhyun is learning how to ice skate and refusing chanyeol's help.

Chanyeol the nerdy engineer from college knew he'd never get a girlfriend, let alone one that lived up to his standards; so instead, he'll build one and he'll make her perfect.

“I…I—I love…y—you…” he tried to speak with his last energy. That's where I will be waiting.". Tapi sumpaah pas bagian terakhir bikin pengen nangis…. Most of people is blaming on exo because of sasaeng fans. He wanted to say sorry and wanted to make a good friendship with him, but he knew that Jongin didn’t want to be his friend, he wanted to be his boyfriend. He drove to the destination nonchalantly. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are preschool teachers who are oblivious to each other's love. To humiliate and obliterate his main rival, Byun Baekhyun, he turns to his potions textbooks for help, only for his plan to go not so horribly wrong. I—I wish I can live together…with you after I died,” Jongin smiled when he finally could understand Kyungsoo’s real meaning of his late confession. I feel so pitiful to these boys specially now that LuHan and Kris is out of the group. And then things get more complicated. She got addicted and wanted to experience the feeling in real life and so she became a saseang Master Baekhyun, a cursed boy of nineteen, living in the gloomy confinement of the Glazia Castle, feared by his servants and his own father. However, as their relationship grows, he finds it more and more frustrating that Chanyeol will not give into his advances in the name of professionalism. “Who are you?”, The driver smiled. Baekhyun is pro-Chanyeol. Except, well, he kind of does. This isn't a fairy tale. A poisoned handkerchief that made Kyungsoo lost his consciousness. Second, there was a part of him that was insanely attractive despite his idiocy. It wasn’t the first time this ‘Kai’ guy gave him a gift with sweet letter inside.

About three things Baekhyun was absolutely positive. Yep, he was a photographer for a famous magazine in South Korea. Chanyeol never had real interest in music until he met Baekhyun. Baekhyun thinks that he is tall, or at least an average. Really, it isn't. LOL. Yes, he's mentally retarded. Ok so i love EXO's music nd i think Chanyeol is good-looking and kind but thats where it ends. Kyungsoo sat on his chair in front of the mirror in his room. He was proud because the boy was finally smiling because of him. But, who am I? All people knew that gay relationship was taboo and forbidden. He threw his pillows to the wall, broke the lamp desk, kicked his bed, and screamed loudly like a mad man. im a big fan of exo, i consider myself as an exo-l, but never even in my dream would do such crazy things!! There were pain, sadness, hope, and…love. Over the hills, where anemones bloom yearly, lived a boy alone, singing sweetly and clearly.

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