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charity bosses salaries list

(The current chief executive is Darrel James) (The current chief executive is Neil Hunt )*5 The chief executive was also entitled to a car*6 Charity was formed in 2002 from the merger of cancer Research Campaign and Imperial Cancer Research Fund*7 Salary listed for the previous year relates to two financial year's ago, rather than one*8 Chief executive started April 2002, the previous salary listed relates to his predecessor*9 Latest salary includes London weighting.

A viral text circulating since October 2005 says that CEOs of charitable organizations are earning hefty paychecks—far more than they should be earning. The Red Cross chief makes $500,000 annually, as of 2016, according to Templeton Blog, about $200,000 less per year than the figure mentioned in the email above. Is one charity necessarily more respectable than another just because its leader is paid a lower salary? The inclusion of the Francis Crick Institute, featuring in the list for the first time, helped bump up average levels with a salary that ranked in the top 10. By comparison, FTSE 100 chief executives earn an average of £4.9m per year (with a median salary of £3.9m) – 28 times the average charity chief’s salary. It paid 342 people more than £60,000 a year in 2017. How bad can cyber crime really get: cyber fraud #1, Membership Information and renew membership, Sign up for free specialised news bulletins.

The figures for LaPierre and Klein included quite a bit of deferred compensation for both. Brian Gallagher, head of United Way International, actually earned much more than the figure mentioned in the email—nearly $1.2 million annually as of the end of 2015, putting him 12th on the Charity Watch top earners list. [CDATA[ The lowest salary to feature in the top 100 was between £140,001 and £150,000: seven charities reported paying their highest earners in this salary bracket. There are few more emotive subjects in the charity sector than senior executive pay.

Once again, the medical research funder the Wellcome Trust retained top spot, paying a member of its investment team almost £3.2m after its investment portfolio returned a profit of £2.2bn over the year.

ARENA COP RAP. "Ten years ago, people said that once you had done two or three years it would be job done and you could move on," he says. Sheffield, South Yorkshire, mySociety "Although the boards of very large charities need to consider whether the pay packets of their executive teams reflect the values and ethos of the organisations they run, they also need to ensure that chief executives are paid at a level that matches their role and responsibilities.".

Unicef UK paid its highest earner, executive director Mike Penrose, £115,000 in 2017, while St John Ambulance paid its highest earner, who is not identified, between £110,000 and £120,000 over the same period.
Homeworking, Springs TMC Seven of the highest-paying charities featured in the top 10 two years ago. (New chief executive is Jo Williams)*17 Both the latest and the previous salaries represent the midpoint in a £10,000 salary range, but the charity said the chief executive received a pay rise of 2.9%*18 Figures relate to the financial year ending December 2001, which were the most recent accounts available. The charity said no one earned more than £50,000.
We've analysed the accounts of the UK's largest charities to find which ones are paying the most.

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