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ddo killing time loot

As is Mario+RLGL, Maze+RLGL.. Ive just not heard of anyone Soloing it. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It's the fact that the game's lag and the servers' need for active intervention are going up even though the game population (and therefore the demand that's being placed on the servers by players) is going down.� That's a really bad trend. Does it matter ? Lassie. How do you solo Fire on Thunder Peak? DDO doesn't have the population to support the hardcore server and live at the same time. Definitely a 2 people + Pets. she will aggro it, but cant hit it. I thought von6 was fixed so you cant solo it anymore? She teleports you back if the top is unmanned. Theoretically still possible on epic. Pages in category "Killing Time loot" The following 19 pages are in this … Evidence number 1:Since hardcore came out the server populations all went down, but now that hardcore is closing the populations aren't back up again... ...we're still hanging at about half of what we were when hardcore came out. Maybe that monkcher (I don't know the name, it was one of the two monkchers who always post in the achievements section) did it on his thread, just like he faked some speed runs using bugged TF weapons. The art and sound teams outdid themselves with the nuanced details found throughout.� The Strahd raid truly feels epic. That laggy piece of uninspired garbage makes epic Amarath look good. Turbine policy - glitches and poor coding resulting in interference of your game play or enjoyment will be ignored. Baba's hut and Curse of Strahd. How would you do phylactery solo? Why did you say his name? I have Duoed it however. Mario + Tower for example. Since it needs coordination, only a live human can do it. Please create an account or log in to build a reputation and unlock more editing privileges, and then visit DDO wiki's IRC Chat/Discord if you need any help! Exceptional Spell Lore +10. Archived. Evidence number 2:We've gone from a weekly restart, to a bi-weekly restart---even though the server populations are smaller. Ive done it. r/ddo. Two people can do twilight forge. Alex is the type of guy who says things just because everyone else is, even though he doesn't understand the discussion. I didn't have a look at the epic loot but if it is underwhelming I won't go for Borderlands. log in sign up. https://ddowiki.com/index.php?title=Item:Tornado&oldid=427391, This page was last modified 13:32, November 20, 2019 (Update 44.0.1) by. Definitely a 2 people + Pets.�. The Land of Barovia wilderness is insanely large, thematically well done and immerses you in the story. EDIT: BTW I love your post.� It reads as if English is your 3rd language behind gibberish and dipshit. These are the … Although i found the tr-sysem ok in heroics, i loathed doing epic lives, yet i pushed through, resulting in 3 uber completionists, the thing was, i had people to run with, making it bearable and the builds i enjoyed were usefull, most of the time. Sariyon Dran-Dal informed you that the wards surrounding the Chronoscope have been breached. It is, I�m afraid. User account menu. Some of these raids on EE maybe be "soloable", but is it worth the expense or time it takes? You would have to prep the pillars by killing the djinni once, then prep the djinni again. The Mark of Death - Not soloable. I personally lvl my TR character with daily dice to lvl 3 and start with reaper harbor quests. I don't think that will change since Keep of the Borderlands will be epic, too. Now he's going to show up here and want to go ass to mouth on everyone. The Titan Awakes - Ran this thing once in my life, no clue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1l7N-WLa3Q, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8bqQ-C1PSE. There are no parts that require 2 or more people, other than a few of the puzzle rooms. I don't think naming names would be a good thing for me to do, but I'd pretty much add anyone who's a know-it-all dick on the list.� Even if they are sometimes intelligent with their opinions, the way they state them in long, "i'm a lawyer at trial"-type posts makes me want to punch them in the face.� They act like whiney babies with god complexes and then freak out if someone so much as breathes criticism in their direction. Meet him at the Chronoscope to investigate what is amiss. I don't think naming names would be a good thing for me to do, but I'd pretty much add anyone who's a know-it-all dick on the list.� Even if they are sometimes intelligent with their opinions, the way they state them in long, "i'm a lawyer at trial"-type posts makes me want to punch them in the face.� They act like whiney babies with god complexes and then freak out if someone so much as breathes criticism in their direction. Game mechanics • Newbie guide • In development • DDO Store • Social Media, Challenges • Classes • Collectables • Crafting • Enhancements • Epic Destinies • Favor • Feats, Glossary • Items • Maps • Monsters • Places • Quests • Races • Reincarnation • Skills • Spells. Ravenloft is a masterpiece, and SSG would do well to replicate everything about it for the next expansion. 5. Theoretically, this is soloable. Yellow moons. Ash's the type of guy who would complain that the water is too cold while being boiled alive in a cauldron. Steel items; Killing Time loot; Reverberating 9 items; Red augment slot items; Orange augment slot items; Mythic Weapon Boost items; Hand Axes; Slashing weapons; One-handed weapons; Martial weapons; Light weapons; Weapons; Hand Axes (level 28) Update 40 named items Don't you have to keep dragons apart for them to be damaged? Not to mention the success vs. failure rate you would endure. Killing Time (legendary raid) DDO Forums; Schism Shards . The Lord of Blades - Soloable, have ranged dps, he hits hard. The Chronoscope - Soloable, be able to kill trash quickly or expect perma red DA. The Fall of Truth - Soloable, have iuon stone or evasion. I've seen a screen shot of it "soloed", but I'm guessing that it was duo'd and the other person just had 0 deaths and 0 kills by kiting the other dragon and recalled before completion. The Reaver's Fate - Soloable, no big deal. Glitches or poor coding on the developers side that at all benefit your game play or enjoyment will result in your character being banned and/or items from your inventory deleted. Yes my avatar is an Hermine eating a lemming for snack. park a pet in the very edge of the map. And occasionally someone will run something else. except von5, titan pre and deathwyrm all other have been soloed afaik. (pardon my ignorance, I am still currently away from DDO so). Derp derp derp derp. But I don�t think it�s as due to content as the OP suggests. Clouded Dreams from Killing Time. Tone the tard level down a couple notches. r/ddo: Dungeons and Dragons Online. Hasn't Shat soloed everything already? I wonder which raids are soloable, and what kind of character and consumables is needed to do that. I'm looking forward to hardcore going away for a while.� If I'm still playing the next time hardcore league starts, then I'll be taking a break from the game.� The past three months have been miserable slogging through reapers and raids with people who have no fucking clue.� Which leads me into... [quote author=476576746B6A61040  The Strahd raid truly feels epic. Heroic and Legendary Shroud. It's not that there's a connection to server population. From my experience in a tiny (max 3 online at a time, usually just me) guild on Sarlona, people run: Killing time - a lot. Supposedly the restarts are a bandaid for the mob pathing issue. Since it needs coordination, only a live human can do it. Close. That game was on the way to die but had the opportunity to save it, when released ravenloft had success, success that not even developers was ready to believe,then had the population groing up again after years but had the idea to ban and delete toons of players that was on the game for years and was not there only for ravenloft,so the population never hit a good number and devs never took the deleted toons decision back, Yours is Lokeal_the_flame.� �Go bat your eyes a squirrel in your backyard.�. Most Epic raids aren't worth your time and effort to solo.

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