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harley quinn and joker

He was loner throughout his life with only a ferret as a friend.

When he awoke, he recalled that the Justice League was in Queen of Fables' book, and that he had it, but not exactly where. Jack Napier has reverted to his Joker persona by the beginning of Batman: Curse of The White Knight, though Harley Quinn is still Harleen Quinzel. His pride frequently leads him to try to sabotage Harley Quinn, unable to accept her agency or independence, and leads him to ruthlessly betray her after deceiving her into thinking that she had regained his affections.

While doing a stint in the Arkham Asylum, he was assigned Harleen Quinzel as his psychiatrist, who soon fell in love with him. If you want to see the Boy Wonder alive again, you better start showing up to my cool crimes.— The Joker to Batman.

His real name, it turns out, is Jack Napier, and he's hellbent on redemption. Maybe I'll use some of that for the henchgirl character.'".

Then, in deliberate mirroring of the day he abandoned Harley on a yacht in "Til Death Do Us Part", he made as if to escape alone, but instead allowed her to escape with him, much to Harley's delight. She quickly became overpowered by Batman and worried that she would be sent to Arkham, so the Joker swore to break her out "before breakfast", at which point he entered his submarine and submerged. If I were to kill you, you'd live on forever, an emotional martyr in my soul.

The Joker has been wreaking havoc in Injustice: Year Zero, and in issues #7 and #8 Harley Quinn will be getting in on the mystical action. Harley insulted him, so he fired back that he couldn't believe she was ever a therapist, and that he wasn't sentimental with her because she came to him when he was a supervillain - Bethany came to him when he was no one. Quinn claims in her Injustice 2 game ending (spoilers, she joins the Justice League) that she's happy being "crazy Aunt Harleen" to Lucy, but she's ultimately forced to tell her daughter the truth anyway when they're both kidnapped in the Injustice 2 comics.

As he watched Doctor Psycho reveal his betrayal and summon Harley's old army of Parademons, he panicked and implored her to call for Ivy's help, but Harley refused. "I was very grateful the book got the response it did.".

"I want to give you the version of me you always wanted," he tells a shocked Quinn ... who isn't the real Harley. The film follows a nameless ex-Nazi captain who navigates the ruins of post-WWII Germany determined to atone for his crimes during the war by hunting down the surviving members of his former SS Death Squad. Harley used this to turn the Legion against the Joker, with Bane complaining about the insults, about the Joker stealing his dinner, and about the Joker considering the bar mitzvah to be "stupid", shocking everyone. "The city deserved better than you, better than the Joker, and better than the Dark Knight. Harley once again complained that she wanted to be the "muscle", but was interrupted when the businessmen finally rallied and began firing on them, forcing them to take refuge behind the pyramid of money. Harley’s departure and replacement in Batman: the Adventures Continue are mirrored in other recent Batman storylines. You can also upload and share your favorite Harley Quinn and Joker HD wallpapers. Schließlich ist es der Joker, der ihr den Namen Harley Quinn verleiht. Still feeling betrayed however, Harley redid her outfit (which the Joker initially appreciated) and returned to the Joker once again to break up with him, claiming that he mistreated her and never loved her.

His plans initially seemed to be unraveling when Poison Ivy (currently a giantess) drew away and killed the plant monsters defending his tower, and Harley Quinn personally assassinated Queen of Fables, leaving him with fewer assets. It turns out the Joker replaced the original Quinn after she left him, and he forgot all about it. He claimed he would die for her any day, at which point Harley finally turned around and came back to him with open arms, stunning Ivy. At that moment Harley cleared her throat to get the Joker's attention and berated him for breaking his promise, lying to her, and leaving her in Arkham for a year.

"You need me," he tells her, but by this point she's figured out that this isn't the case. In "Devil's Snare" and the very beginning of "The Final Joke", he is seen wearing a parody of his own outfit which has elements of a military general added in, such as a matching purple hat, sunglasses, and medals of various sorts. At the end of "The Final Joke", he is "normalized" by the acid he intended to have Harley jump into, his skin turning to that of a regular Caucasian man and his fingernails reverting to the same color.

Disturbed, the Joker asked her if she wanted to talk about it. He wondered what was wrong with himself, and became angered when Batman suggested that it was because he was a "sociopathic narcissist". The little interactions between the two really struck a chord with viewers, and before long, the showrunners knew that they had a potential hit on their hands. Harley also gave him a suggestion that he have his tower shoot up from underground to scare people "like a jack-in-the-box", which the Joker was unusually receptive to.

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"I hate having those feelings," he tells her.

Batman blasted Ivy aside with explosives and fought Harley again, so the Joker took the opportunity to bomb hanging studio equipment to fall onto Batman.

He demanded that one of his goons name a funnier supervillain than himself, and when he guessed "Harley", the Joker shot him to death because "women aren't funny".

God, we could just sit on the couch and talk about nothing for hours. Harley.

Romance might not be dead, but Harley Quinn probably should be. DC confirmed that they were "girlfriends without the jealousy of monogamy" in a 2015 tweet, and in 2017's Harley Quinn #25, they shared their first main universe kiss. In the final cut, Quinn falls from the chopper after it gets hit, but reports suggest that the Joker tossed Quinn out of the moving helicopter during a heated argument in the original cut. His main passion is storytelling and analyzing characters and storylines to understand the deeper message. The Joker has tried to kill Harley Quinn on numerous occasions since then and in a variety of ways. Fake Harley freaks out at the marriage proposal and attacks Napier, but the actual Harley (dressed in her classic red-and-black get-up) shows up and rescues him, kicking her doppelganger in the head for good measure.

Die Hochzeit, Godzilla Vs Kong, Mission Impossible 6, Creed 2, Deine Meinung zu FILMSTARTS | The Joker then began to laugh and claimed he couldn't let "this punctuation prick" get credit for killing Batman, so he chose Batman to live and Harley to die, at which point he ran away with Batman in hot pursuit. Harley Quinn then arrived to steal it for herself and for the Joker, but the businessmen were contemptuous and unafraid of her.

Harley Quinn's relationship with the Joker is a relatively new one. "I said, 'That's really kind of funny. As with other iterations of the Joker, the Joker in Harley Quinn talks about the horrible things he does with a blase demeanor, treats violence as a joke, manipulates Harley, is incredibly prideful, treats his own minions like they're disposable (if he doesn't outright kill them himself for petty reasons), is unpredictably violent, bullies his own colleagues, and shows no remorse for anything he does. The Joker decided he would take his revenge on the Legion of Doom for allowing Harley Quinn inside, and set a plan in motion to create PlanetWide Pavers, an anti-environment trap to entice Poison Ivy to attack it so that she could be captured by Scarecrow and used in a scheme to destroy the Legion of Doom and all of Gotham City. A blank canvas. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Forced to change tactics, the Joker proclaimed it was what he always wanted anyway, that he prayed she would leave him. The Joker was also seen in Harley's memory of her backstory, where he convinced a younger Harleen Quinzel to jump into a vat of chemicals. Dozens of clones of the Joker littered the circus landscape, welcoming people or running carnival games. Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Dylan Sprouse, Mit He was conflicted as it felt like a past life, but was confident that him and her being a couple in the dream could not have happened because her white skin freaks him out.

Joker Normal". The Gotham City of the critically acclaimed and Emmy Award-winning Batman: The Animated Series is revisited in Batman: The Adventures Continue. If one thing's for certain about the Joker, it's that he's not father material. At first indignant, he suddenly began remembering his time of normalcy, from when Bethany pulled him out of the ruins of his tower, to falling in love with her as she nursed him back to health, to ingratiating himself with her kids by giving them a puppy, to her defending him from an angry driver, and finally coming to love her family as his own. Tons of awesome Harley Quinn and Joker HD wallpapers to download for free. They then got to talking about their old memories together, and although Harley tried to leave to help Poison Ivy, a waitress who "ships" them arrived with free drinks for them, and the Joker managed to convince her to stay a bit longer.
Batman then arrived to interrupt their dinner, at which point the Joker remotely activated a helicopter to escape in and blasted Batman away with a grenade.

The Joker

As he considered this, one of the Parademons suddenly belched forth a bunch of acid that melted the face off the Parademon he was cuddling, prompting Joker to say "that is foul".

This allowed Ivy and Harley to gang up on Batman while the Joker kidnapped Robin, goading Batman into following after him again, abandoning Harley and Ivy. After the Joker escapes Arkham and is apprehended by Batman, a head-over-heels Quinzel transforms herself into a jester-like villain and stages a break-out. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The Joker fled to the center of the tower and erected a protective dome around himself, at which point knock-out gas began to flood the room, knocking out Batman and allowing him to be captured. Dr. Wind Goodfriend, principal researcher for the Institute for the Prevention of Relationship Violence at Buena Vista University, told MTV that current and former victims could be "re-traumatized" by the Joker's abusive behavior ... but Quinn has actually had it much, much worse in the comics. They had to go back, and the Joker had to explain his relationship to Batman along the way, also revealing Harley's bungled relationship with Poison Ivy in the process. Harley Quinn kept the fact that she'd given birth to the Joker's child quiet in the Injustice comics, and she did the exact same thing in a recent sequel to Batman: White Knight.

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