24 Oct

i got so high that i saw jesus lyrics meaning

Everybody needs to take the precautions of staying inside and isolated until everything's clear.
I made sure to touch on all of the elements because the song is so in touch with the Earth and what's going on with it. Neither of us want to take it for granted and both of us want to love the people we love while we're here. "I think people take advantage of what we have and that line says if we don't take care of our planet, all the things you love are going away.

There's nothing quite like a pandemic to make it feel like the end times. Like a drunkard at the wedding. If you're not a religious person and you want to listen to this song, take it as you will. Riding horses was my favorite part of my day. I just feel like I'm talking to someone like my brother, honestly. As a special treat, the sisters joined forces for a joint performance on Miley’s rebooted Backyard Sessions series, and fans can’t get over how similar their voices are. It's definitely scary to see that it spread so quickly. I'm very open about having a hard time with positivity and struggling with all my insecurities and anxieties. He's one of my best friends and brings so much positivity to my life. My great-grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher and all my life we just thanked God for our blessings. Noah Cyrus' new track "I Got So High That I Saw Jesus". Every time I see this horse running on the screen, my eyes tear up. Noah Cyrus’ Boyfriend Sparks Rumors She’s Collaborating With Miley Cyrus in 2020. He's a little older and wiser than me, too, which brings in a great mix. I wanted the video to be based off of the elements of Earth. I was born and raised Christian, but weed really helped me overcome anxiety and it helped me have the epiphany that I write about in this song, hence the title. It's a nice reminder of what the outside world looks like, and that we should appreciate what we have when we have it. PJ and I really just had it on our hands for a while. Noah broke down the meaning of the track in an interview with V Magazine in March. I was thinking about my entire life, everyone I love, everything that I've done wrong or felt that I need to apologize for, it all came to the surface. As the world shuts down to prevent the spread of an invisible virus, it's hard to imagine ever not feeling grateful for the chance to freely walk outside to do whatever the hell your heart desires. I felt like I had a Come To Jesus realization of the things in my life. I had to put him down when he was diagnosed with cancer. Its video follows suit; directed by her close friend James Pereira, Cyrus opts for a frill-free production as a chance to reflect her truest self.
The next year, we were put in the room together and it was the only song that I loved from the writing camp. Nature's splendors come into the forefront as she bathes in a river and rides a stunning, white horse through a meadow, the latter a special homage to her horse Constantine, whom she calls her guardian angel. I was just stuck to the side of his hip from the moment we met. And I knew that was the song. The song definitely is about where the world is going wrong. How do you feel about the song coming out in the midst of a pandemic? So, I’ma get high.” The “Midnight Sky” singer provided some background vocals and harmonies. We met the first year and we didn't get to know each other that much. It's this beautiful, trippy book of drawings. Noah then took the first verse, singing, “Yeah, they talk about the rivers running dry. And Mary lost her mind to lines of code. I got so high that I saw Jesus He said it’s all gonna’ be okay You just need me in your heart Tennessee Whiskey and love I got so high that I saw Jesus. You wrote this song with PJ, who you also wrote "July" with.

[1] Her childhood sketchbook (1826–1830) has survived and it is in the hands of her descendants living in the United States. I’m gonna burn this whole thing down. I'm talking about Earth in the song and I want it to be in tact with the Earth. He's helped make me confident in a room making music again. Outside of their voices, fans in the comment section of the YouTube video couldn’t get over how adorable their big sister/little sister dynamic was in the performance. It also took three months to write the song, because it's so complex. I've also loved horses my entire life and I know that horses shaped me into who I am. We've also been heartbroken, we've both been through the same shit. My mom got a coffee table book called Zodiac Kaleidoscope. We wrote "July" together, "I Got So High I Saw Jesus" and many, many more to come.

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