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inquiry in a sentence

Saturday staff needed - Inquire within. In reply to an inquiry about the convicts in the prison, Count Rostopchin shouted angrily at the governor: On Rostov's inquiry as to how the matter stood, he at once produced from under his pillow a paper he had received from the commission and the rough draft of his answer to it.

A life by George Wilson (1818-1859), printed for the Cavendish Society in 1851, contains an account of his writings, both published and unpublished, together with a critical inquiry into the claims of all the alleged discoverers of the composition of water. 32825 Serious inquiries only, please. Beginning with its phylogeny, it appears, so far as present knowledge goes, that the differentiation of the shoot of the sporophyte into stem and leaf first occurred in the Pteridophyta; and, in accordance with the views of Bower (Origin of a Land.. During his divination the wizard fell into a state of trance or ecstasy, his soul being held to run at large to pursue its Witch= inquiries.

The department is authorized, on receipt of such report, to direct an inquiry to be made into the cause of any accident so reported, and the inspector appointed to make the inquiry is given power to enter any railway premises for the purposes of his inquiry, and to summon any person engaged upon the railway to attend the inquiry as a witness, and to require the production of all books, papers and documents which he considers important for the purpose. Calls to Kepcher and her agents have not been returned and Trump has responded to media inquiries with a "no comment. This geological claim for a vast antiquity of the human race is supported by the similar claims of prehistoric archaeology and the science of culture, the evidence of all three departments of inquiry being intimately connected, and in perfect harmony.

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inquiries example sentences. The verdicts of the two inquiries may be set against each other, and this particular charge declared "not proven.". Where an offence has been committed on the high seas, or aboard ashore, by British seamen or apprentices, the consul makes inquiry on oath, and may send home the offender and witnesses by a British ship, particulars for the Board of Trade being endorsed on the agreement for conveyance. The Word "Inquiry" in Example Sentences Page 1. The moral nature of man, his conduct in life, is that on account of which alone an inquiry into religion is of importance. Learning the true height of celebrities has become something of a pastime for many fans, and The Hoff is often the subject of such inquiries.

If an objection is made to an order for compulsory purchase or hire, the order will not be confirmed by the Board of Agriculture until after a local inquiry has been held. The inquiry is about to start. Elsie called to inquire after my health.

A scientific inquiry into the facts was needed. His earlier views on the doctrine of non-resistance had been sensibly modified by what he saw in France after the revocation of the edict of Nantes and by the course of affairs at home, and in 1688 he published an Inquiry into the Measures of Submission to the Supreme Authority in defence of the revolution.

But there is also a theology which constitutes the defining telos of philosophical inquiry. He mixes up the two inquiries, and in the general division of his work depends rather upon the results of previous psychology than upon the lines prescribed by his own new conception of experience.

But in view of the extreme importance of the matter, and especially of the evidence that, for some cause or other (which may or may not be the examination system), intellectual interest and initiative seem to diminish in many cases very markedly during school and college life in England, the whole subject seems to call for a searching and impartial inquiry. In 1828 he made inquiries about a chair at Heidelberg; and in 1830 he got a shortened Latin version of his physiological theory of colours inserted in the third volume of the Scriptores ophthalmologici minores (edited by Radius).

2. remanded for further inquiries, bail being refused. The evidence for Jewish colonies at Elephantine in Upper Egypt (5th century B.C.)

It would be necessary for the court to engage in endless inquiries as to the true inwardness of a man's mind, whether his state of ignorance existed at the time of the commission of the offence, whether such a condition of mind was inevitable or brought about merely by indifference on his part. The report of a parliamentary inquiry, called for by the Christian Socialists, showed the necessity for interference. It may perhaps be fairly said that materialism is at present a necessary methodological postulate of natural-scientific inquiry. The proof supplied by him in 1802 that coupled stars mutually circulate threw open a boundless field of research; and he originated experimental inquiries into the construction of the heavens by systematically collecting and sifting stellar statistics.

Man's primary religious feeling seeks to bring him into association with the events and persons of his race, and that which in the Old Testament appears most perishable, most defective, and which suffers most under critical inquiry, was necessary in order to adapt new teaching to the commonly accepted beliefs of a bygone and primitive people.'. quashed the decision of Alan Milburn, then the Health Secretary, to hold the Shipman inquiry behind closed doors.

One, however, the Categories, may be regarded with an ancient commentator, 10 as preliminary to the dialectical inquiry in the Topics.

An agitated inquiry which only found contradictory evidence was disturbed by the news of the Irish rebellion (28th of October). In no other period of the world's history, of equal length of time, has so much scientific enterprise been directed towards the field of General Asiatic inquiry. And he went on to inquiries about the Grand Duke and the state of his health, and to reminiscences of the gay and amusing times he had spent with him in Naples. He made inquiries about the author of London. criminal damage, all of whom have been released pending further inquiries.

(12) The government has instituted a court of, (13) The government has set up a commission of, (17) He was criticized for his conduct of the, (21) This subject is outside the scope of our, (23) We all desire your early reply to this, (26) The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the, (27) We have received your letter and thank you for your, (28) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder, (29) The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of, (30) The government issued a statement urging the public to cooperate in this, (4) The allegations against them were made in sworn evidence to the, (5) We have received your letter and thank you for your, (6) 25 officers were investigated following allegations of improper conduct during the murder, (7) The government has announced the terms of reference for its proposed committee of, (10) The government issued a statement urging the public to cooperate in this, (13) The government has instituted a court of, (14) The government has set up a commission of, (16) Many parents have been pressing for an. The result of this inquiry is generally intellectual scepticism in a greater or less degree, namely, that the object has no existence for the knower except a relative one, i.e.

Female celebs are more prone to measurement inquiries, and they range from weight to bust size.

Gabriel Ivanovich here made the inquiries. A little boy, hearing us making the inquiry at a shop door, said " Oh! Immanuel Kant was struck by them in 1763, but in 1765, after further inquiries, concluded that two of them had "no other foundation than common report (gemeine Sage).".

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