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14. Latin text Posted within 1 working day. The Second Punic War Translated into English with Notes. 3. History of Rome. The book has been read, but is in excellent condition. Aktivieren Sie JavaScript für mehr Features und höhere Geschwindigkeit beim Abfragen. Titus Livius (/ ˈ l ɪ v i ə s / LIV-ee-əs, Latin: [ˈtɪtʊs ˈliːwɪ.ʊs]; 64/59 BC – AD 12/17), known as Livy (/ ˈ l ɪ v i / LIV-ee) in English, was a Roman historian. Condition: Very Good. Seller Inventory # 532ZZZ00845M_ns. More information about this seller Your current position in the text is marked in blue. ).2 In this case, he has the assistance of Dexter Hoyos (H.), who provides the introduction and non-textual explanatory notes which accompany the text.3 The clarity and precision of the translation, as well as the helpful guidance provided by the supplementary materials, make this book a welcome addition to the Oxford World’s Classics, and a suitable resource both for students in courses on Roman history and for scholars in general. | Contact this seller Rarely, a proper name appears in a fuller form in the English than in the Latin,8 or is simply incorrect.9 Seldom, other individual words10 and even some longer phrases11 get lost in translation, and there are also two incorrect numbers and two incorrect translations regarding festivals.12 Finally, one of the two “also”s in 22.7.5 should be deleted, and 22.61.12 should read “and all the Cisalpine Gauls”, since ferme does not modify omnes. Bristol Classical Press 1991-06-01 Leatherbound. Oxford University Press, London, 2006. (41): Cross-references in notes to this page History of Rome. This is NOT a retyped or an ocr'd reprint. Fold-outs, if any, are not part of the book. The Annenberg CPB/Project provided support for entering this text. Social media and advertising cookies of third parties are used to offer you social media functionalities and personalized ads. 4. Condition: Good. Od. Leather Binding on Spine and Corners with Golden leaf printing on spine. Seller Inventory # 536ZZZ0084MN_ns. As these are old books, we processed each page manually and make them readable but in some cases some pages are blur or missing or black spots. “Books 21-30: structure and ideals” (pp. Canon Roberts. Livy's History of Rome can be found in English online at a couple of websites. We appreciate your support of the preservation process, and thank you for being an important part of keeping this knowledge alive and relevant. H. has recently published Unplanned wars: The origins of the First and Second Punic Wars (Berlin and New York, 1998) and Hannibal’s dynasty: Power and politics in the western Mediterranean, 247-183 B.C. Immediately after the introduction follow a brief “Note on the Text and Translation” (pp. Boooks XXI-XXII With An English Translation. Seller Inventory # 0862921783_abe_gd. This is NOT a retyped or an ocr'd reprint. IF YOU WISH TO ORDER PARTICULAR VOLUME OR ALL THE VOLUMES YOU CAN CONTACT US. Book 1: The Earliest Legends of Rome ; Book 2: The Early Years of the Republic ; Book 3: The Decemvirate ; Book 4: The Growing Power of the Plebs ; Book 5: War with Veii, Destruction of Rome by the Gauls ; Book 6: Reconciliation of the Orders (389-366 B.C.) Noch Fragen? Sewing binding for longer life, where the book block is actually sewn (smythe sewn/section sewn) with thread before binding which results in a more durable type of binding. Customer service is our top priority!. (Hawthorne, CA, U.S.A.), About this Item: Bristol Classical Press, 1991. Klicken Sie einfach auf ein Wort, um die Ergebnisse erneut angezeigt zu bekommen, Es existiert derzeit keine Diskussion zu Ihrem Suchbegriff in unseren Foren. More information about this seller As this print on demand book is reprinted from a very old book, there could be some missing or flawed pages, but we always try to make the book as complete as possible. New York, New York. | Contact this seller Each page is checked manually before printing. Used books may not include companion materials, some shelf wear, may contain highlighting/notes, may not include cdrom or access codes. Y.’s exemplary translation strikes the right balance between a strict fidelity to the syntax of the Latin and the need to explain what Livy means while translating him. The later chronological outline (see below) does not resolve this problem, since it often (necessarily) arranges the material very differently from its placement in Livy’s narrative. Enter a Perseus citation to go to another section or work. Hardcover. Natürlich auch als App. (Lewiston, NY, U.S.A.), About this Item: Bloomsbury 3PL, 1991. xvii-xx), the historical section of the introduction concludes with a summary of the Second Punic War itself (“Hannibal’s war” [pp. More information about this seller More information about this seller *Required fields 6-8, 12-14 have imprint: Cambridge, Harvard University Press; v. 9-11: London, Heinemann; Cambridge, Harvard University Press 15. Edgewear, light cover rubbing, owner name fep. ), Livy: Hannibal’s war (books 21-30). Book. Seller Inventory # 0862921783-2-4. Hardcover. | Contact this seller Beyond the level of general style, Y. heightens the level of his narrative with several elegant rhetorical effects, including the postponement of key elements to the end of the sentence (e.g., 21.5.17 and 21.18.5), as well as the use of italics for emphasis, most often in speeches (e.g., 21.3.5 and 21.3.6). Perseus provides credit for all accepted ("Agamemnon", "Hom. As this print on demand book is reprinted from a very old book, there could be some missing or flawed pages, but we always try to make the book as complete as possible. 25. Language: English. (Tallahassee, FL, U.S.A.), About this Item: Condition: good. This work is licensed under a Each page is checked manually before printing. Allyn & Bacon, Boston Canon Roberts. Only on very rare occasions does the English seem to convey an inappropriate level of diction, e.g., “mop up” for conficere (21.40.11) is perhaps too colloquial, even for a general haranguing his soldiers, likewise “sell-out” for proditionis (21.48.9). Livy: Ab urbe condita. Condition: Fine. Apart from occasional observations on literary and textual issues (e.g., ad 21.39 and 21.46), the notes primarily comprise relevant historical, geographical, and cultural material (e.g., ad 21.1 and 21.5), as well as discussion of the various discrepancies both within Livy (e.g., ad 21.3) and between him and Polybius (e.g., ad 21.1). The book has been read but remains in clean condition. About this Item: Pranava Books, 2020. (Pitt Press Series) 11. Paperback. Livy's gripping story-telling vividly conveys the drama of the great battles, the disastrous encounters at Trasimene and Cannae, and the final confrontation between Hannibal and the youthful Scipio Africanus. Translate: “What happened recently, too — I wish that it had passed by without as much grief for me as for you — “. Translate: “Because Hasdrubal, who was attending the meeting, and all members of the Barca faction were in favor of war, this was the proposal that prevailed.”. 1. 8vo. More information about this seller 26.3.9: “the praetor, Gaius Calpurnius”; 26.48.7: “Gaius Laelius, “; 27.8.12: “ Gaius Fulvius Flaccus”; 27.51.8: “To mark Marcus Livius’ and Gaius Claudius’ destruction”; 28.32.6: “by his father or himself”; 29.30.5: “ Lacumazes”; 30.24.1: “ Gnaeus Servilius”; 30.40.9: “ Tiberius Claudius”; and 30.41.2: “ Publius Aelius”. Leather Binding on Spine and Corners with Golden leaf printing on spine. Light browning to first few pages. NO changes have been made to the original text. (London, United Kingdom), About this Item: Palala Press, United States, 2018. Bloomsbury 3PL, 1991. 27.4.8). Livy's great history of Rome contains, in Books 21 to 30, the definitive ancient account of Hannibal's invasion of Italy in 218 BC, and the war he fought with the Romans over the following sixteen years. Condition: NEW. Dimsdale, Marcus Southwell [Ed]; Titus Livius, Published by | Contact this seller This is NOT a retyped or an ocr'd reprint. This is an ex-library book and may have the usual library/used-book markings inside.This book has soft covers. John Jacobs. If the original book was published in multiple volumes then this reprint is of only one volume, not the whole set. Light browning to first few pages. Reprinted in (1902) with the help of original edition published long back (1902).

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