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marion bridge agnes monologue

We are so incredibly fortunate to have been given such warm, supporting, creative, caring and fun people to help launch Theatre of Infinity’s inaugural production! It is no hardship to drink water if the water be clean. AGNES:In the dream I'm drowning. We are thrilled, excited, daunted, sometimes overwhelmed, but always supremely happy to be gestating this story of three sisters from Cape Breton. You know, the whole business of having children is all wrong. Mummy wasn’t very happy when she died and I think she went to hell because every time I see I’ll be a no-maintenance daughter just like you always wanted. /Root 6 0 R 0000000897 00000 n A tall thin child, maybe nine or ten. Video. x�c```b``nd`a``aa`@ �r\8����S�$�bX�E�P�� ����?r�:÷�S4~���?A����U ��n She left the stage again and came back with a bandaged finger. Less people means a more intimate performance so we pull back on our vocal strength just enough so the audience isn’t lambasted with our performance. Visit, "Hogan, Taylor, Cloutier & Husain dig deep & the resulting honesty is emotionally rewarding." not be more disparate in terms of personality, temperament and choice Let him help you, so he knows you love him. You needn’t try to comfort me. I mean, if prayer was really this sort of button you pressed- admit you need the Lord, then He stops the suffering- then why didn’t it always work? /Size 23 Ask. I love Cal, Mr. Trask. /Type /XObject Can you answer? It’s a sin tracks down the daughter (Joanie) whom she was forced to give up for But you must give him some sign, Mr. Trask - some sign that you love him - or he’ll never be a man. Agnes surreptitiously tracks down the daughter (Joanie) whom she was forced to give up for adoption. Agnes (Terri Anne Taylor) is the rebel; not quite Mr. Trask - can you hear me? So you embrace it because what else can you do? her side and I tried to catch the blood as it fell from the sky but I couldn’t see any more because my eyes hurt because there were big Through Susan came the wonderful Susan Miyagashima as our Stage Manager and Set Designer, Michael Rinaldi as Sound Designer and Conor Moore as Lighting Designer. She was able to recognize me, and she would try to cry, but she was unable to; and to speak, but she was unable to. You never asked him for one thing. of comfort beverage. But I don’t know it at first. none are original, all are credited to their playwrights. It’s a family drama that evokes the tensions of an enforced family endobj >> << Manager Susan Miyagishima. Jeanie, Rebecca and I stop and hug as we reach our cars before we go our separate ways. /Filter /FlateDecode And you stop speaking up in class—realize maybe you weren’t saying anything anyway—not something someone else couldn’t say better–usually a boy. Daniel MacIvor, Dates and I don’t know why. at times sentimental, but never maudlin. 22 0 obj 0 (whom we never see) dies while the sisters are away from the house visiting It is not the bread and water I fear: I can live on bread: when have I asked for more? if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know! /Subtype /Image Theresa is a nun-cum-farmer who loves getting her hands into the soil, what she calls, “the blood of the earth”. Heading into our last week! 0000000017 00000 n babies come out. We are thrilled, excited, daunted, sometimes overwhelmed, but always supremely happy to be gestating this story of three sisters from Cape Breton. A wee bit disappointing, but completely in keeping with what is said about it in the play. Then Terri did what every actress in love does; she texted her friends. Why me? As we’re walking along Commercial Drive a young woman stops us as she steps out from under an awning saying, “I just saw you. She made a trip to her favourite bookstore in Vancouver, Biz Books and bought the last remaining copy of Marion Bridge by Daniel McIvor. of the three to appear on stage. /L 53165 It’s as if she’s throwing a big hook under my ribs and tries to pull me up but I can’t move because Mummy is holding And want to put themselves in you even if you’re not ready and maybe those aren’t the right boys either but at least they need you for a few minutes. %%EOF Tickets can be bought either through Biz Books or reservations can be made by emailing marionbridgetheplay@gmail.com. Susan Hogan Set Design Susan Miyagishima Lighting The ulcerations on her body were horrifying to her and to me. Watching theatre is an active entertainment unlike film and TV where watching is passive. You buy a t-shirt that says “Fuckdoll” and a series of short skirts and you try on provocative lipsticks. First time director It’s a picnic. She won’t know and I don’t have to tell her. /DecodeParms [ null << /Quality 75 >> ] They fight over me These past couple of weeks have been intense, exhausting and exhilarating – a roller coaster journey as we dove into the story of Marion Bridge. Our fist bump ends as we whisper our ritual words, “To infinity and beyond!”  We look at each other and then take turns to quietly say “Honour the story.” And “Trust the work.” Then we finish by vowing to each other “I got your back!” – meaning we’re all in this together as a team and no one will be left hanging after a mistake made on stage – which WILL happen in live theatre! It’s been a roller-coaster ride of emotions and while we’re physically exhausted we’re also still pumped with adrenaline and won’t be able to drop off to sleep until well after midnight. Now there are, I’m sure, far worse deaths- terrible burnings, tortures, plague, pestilence, famine; Christ on the cross even, as sister likes to say. He’ll blow up me. As usual, Jeanie provided the snacks, Terri provided the tea and Rebecca provided the pencils. 0000031650 00000 n They’re thin. Terri asked, “Will you? to see their mother despite Theresa’s insistence. As for Cavendish, it’s a great play to go out on. Enter Theresa home from Friday evening Mass. << Try! Terri asked, “Will you? Marion Bridge begins with a monologue in which Agnes recounts a dream: she is drowning, and any hope of rescue by a young family sitting on the beach is denied. The theatre audience is a member of the cast without scripted dialogue and action and because of this, each performance is slightly different. endstream Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Almost a year later Theatre of Infinity was formed to give birth to Vancouver’s newest production of Marion Bridge. The little girl, her brother, their mother and the man. Do you know, last night I sat here for a long time by myself, and held this teddy bear in my arms, and imagined it was my baby. Suffering is beautiful. Doyle, as the youngest, is physical – pacing, expending energy, gesturing dramatically. /Resources << /XObject << /X0 8 0 R >> /Font << /F1 9 0 R /F2 13 0 R /F3 We’re getting so close to crossing Marion Bridge! It was a good show and the audience was completely engaged throughout the entire performance; lots of laughter as well as tears. 5 0 obj 17 0 R >> >> As Louise, Zeilinger lumbers around, seems not to quite ‘get’ anything but, nevertheless, has an almost childlike wisdom. One more read-through and several discussions later, the decision was made – we were going forward! Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. They smile and wave. I had met Susan at the 2008 National Voice Intensive and knew instinctively that she would make a great director and would be a good fit. We made Baddeck our home base and explored the rest of the Island through several day trips. Oh, I suppose I am sick, one of those weak and divided people who slip like shadows among you solid strong ones. Cal did something very bad and I’m not asking you to forgive him - or bless him or anything like that. pop. At first I hear water and I imagine it’s going to be a lovely dream. Design Conor Moore Sound Design Michael Rinaldi /Parent 3 0 R inaugural presentation of the optimistically named Theatre of Infinity. And he’s got his hands on his hips and he’s looking out at the water, and he sees something. She went across the street and ordered a bowl of soup, a chai latte and began to read and she fell in love. I know he has. Pretty Theft is a play by Adam Szymkowicz about two teenagers, Suzy and Allegra. And I want him to be happy and strong and whole. It was Agnes’ opening monologue from Daniel MacIvor’s Marion Bridge. It makes you mean - and violent - and cruel. startxref So you stopped talking. Just over a year ago we asked Susan Hogan if she was interested in directing. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You know, Chris, in some ways now I wish I’d had that kid. /Type /Page The sisters could In this monologue from the play by Christopher Durang, Diane, a young student, confronts a nun about her religious ideas.

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