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milo and otis deaths fact check

Carol starts to jokingly flirt with Daryl, but he denies the offer and they both laugh.

“Oh dear me!

Alpha then points out Carol tried being on her own before, but "they" have always pulled her back. The dog seems to go under the cows’ hooves. Carol ran ahead of the other women in the confusion and got separated. While they were talking outside of the prison, Axel was shot and killed by The Governor, leaving Carol to have to use his body as a shield for herself. The Whisperer says they are lying to themselves and he wouldn't betray Alpha because she loves her people so much she sacrificed her own daughter.
She fervently holds onto her beliefs even after Sophia's death, insisting that her daughter is in heaven. The following analysis was

Lizzie is visibly upset with Mika killing the walker. Afterwards she heads to the fences to pump water, knowing many walkers are nearby. At the highway, Dale tells Carol that he is willing to stay behind to wait for Sophia, to which Carol is grateful towards him for.

As the facility is overrun, Carol makes it back to the woods and encounters the group. When they overhear him mention Michonne and Carl, it becomes clear that Rick's group is being held at his base and is in danger. Michonne orders the group to capture, not kill them. He grabs a morning star and heads out for battle.

Carol and Merle didn't get along well during their time in Atlanta and the campsite. After Rick banishes her, she hands him a small timepiece (he'd lost his watch), one that Ed had bought her for their first anniversary.

He thinks she is looking for Alpha, but Carol claims to be happy that the past is behind them.
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Back at Hershel's farm, Daryl told Carol that Lori had asked him to find Hershel, but he had refused. She screams at her in anger as the others look at her in silence. However, after hearing from Morgan about the deaths of Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford at the hands of Negan, Carol returns to the Kingdom and tells Ezekiel they need to get ready to fight against The Saviors, which was shown when she gunned down members of the Scavengers and the Saviors without hesitation when helping to save Alexandria. Carol helps Rick to look after his baby for him and remains supportive of him and his decisions.

They have laws now protecting the animals, and designated people are there during the filming to make sure these rules are met. Carol and the rest of the Alexandria residents face against waves of walkers pouring onto the community gates over the next 49 hours. Initially, Pete appears amused, but when Carol reminds him that everybody would believe her if she killed him in cold blood and then lied and said that he attacked her. She and Daryl then hear a noise, but don't discover what the noise is. She smears herself in walker blood to sneak in with the herd that they encountered, which is approaching the complex. Carol reminds him that their deal stipulated Negan had to kill Alpha quickly, but Negan still claims he held up his end of the deal, and now requires Carol to hold up hers.

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