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As an Aucklander, our accents have less lilt in them like our Sth Island cousins, and far less screech than our Aussie neighbours bours, we don’t have an accent as far as it goes compared to other NZ areas. Funnily enough, it really suited him. The Scouse accent is highly distinctive, with locals in Liverpool, England piling on the slang. […], Kiwi accent number one? Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. New Zealand slang can be quite hard to understand especially on top of our fast and harsh sounding accent. From a grating Kiwi, Fuck you Sheila … Choke on a big one eh? I generally say you can spot someone from Qld. It’s official.

So i guess i disagree with the conclusion drawn here, rather than say this was just a way of trying to promote tourism in certain countries.

It’s almost as though we have two words for everything in Australia — and it seems our Kiwi neighbors love to do it too! City guide Big Travel 7 put the world’s-sexiest-accent question to a vote polling readers from all corners of the globe as to which particular twang sets their insides […]. Often considered one of Europe’s most unattractive accents, the Big 7 Travel readers disagree. You’re not alone. “AFRIKAANS ONS WONDERLIKSTE, SOETSTE TAAL!!!!!

Check out the 7 Beijing Instagram spots you can’t afford to leave off your feed.

If you’re curious as to what that means. Whether it’s English or Patois, the Jamaican accent is vibrant and super sexy. Born by the beach, you’ll find her in the water or bathing on the rocks.

Big 7 Travel held a survey asking what the sexiest accent in the world is, here are some of the results they […]. Similar to how Canadians can be offended if you mistake them for Americans, New Zealanders (or Kiwis, as we affectionately call them) might feel prickled if you mistake them for Australians. has shown there is a distinct contrast in the pronunciation of vowels. The “Newzild” dialect is outrageously charming. Filipino is 22 Malaysian 39 and New York 44 these rating must be a joke. The same goes for Aussies pronouncing “Sydney” like Sidney, rather than Kiwis who might pronounce it closer to Sudney. […] you think of a sexy accent, where does your mind first go? Afrikaans is a hugely popular accent with many people across the globe, thanks to their unique tones and Saffa slang. I don’t know ANYBODY here who talks like that? Who can resist a slow, Texan drawl? Check out the 7 most Instagrammables spots in Pakistan. Soft and lyrical, it’s a beautiful language. They didn’t even crack the top five.Source:Supplied, This article originally appeared on the New Zealand Herald and was republished with permission. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. The world's sexiest accent has been revealed … and the winner is New Zealand.Source:istock. They always say ‘ hee-aa’ , while in NZ it sounds the same but without the ‘aa’ . Queensland accent frankly disgusting, sounds like the cockatiels. It’s almost as though we have two words for everything in Australia — and it seems our Kiwi neighbors love to do it too! Our Malaysian Accent is Ranked in the Top 40 Sexiest Accents in the World! Find out what it is that makes the Spanish accent so sexy here. With an attractive accent tilt, Indian is fast and easy on the ears.

Afrikaans is actually a language… The accent is South African (Bit awkward for a travel website to get that wrong ), People who speak Afrikaans, have an Afrikaans accent boetie. Copyright © 2020 Big Seven Media | If you’re curious as to what that means, rhoticity refers to the degree that the R is pronounced in an accent. the Newzlid one sounds, yep, “outrageously” attractive, and we can listen to such an accent almost only in Aotearoa. This is in present-day Dutch what you said in Afrikaans. The Newcastle accent in England is notoriously difficult to understand. *Said in a Heartily ‘grating’ Cantabrian Kiwi accent*, oi, not cool bro kiwis got the most gangsta of accents g try coming here and not getting turned on.

Hungarian sounds beautiful when sung, with a rhythmic vibe to the consonants. Seriously im kiwi and Maori to boot….can’t day I agree. Poljubite me u rit! I am South African and I hate our accents especially the guys who are actually Afrikaans but try speak English.

Here are the 7 most Instagrammable spots in New York. If you searching to check on Funny Things To Say In A New Zealand Accent And Funny Things To Say To Hit On A Girl price. Awful. Which is why I’m going to teach you some common New Zealand phrases and lingo!

Clear, clipped and completely posh.

There’s almost 7,000 languages in the world, with even more varieties of accents, but which is the best? These ratings really bad. The 50 best coffee shops in the UK are well worth a look. Malays(Sounds more British) and Malaysian-Chinese(closer to Singlish) . Umm, I have never heard an Aussie talk like that although, there are a lot of regional accents. For an in depth article on how to spot a bogan, see How To Spot A Bogan Wally: Silly person. The fact that Australian got 5th place tells me that those who determined this list have never been to western Sydney. According to the website, Afrikaans is a “hugely popular accent with many people across the globe thanks to their unique tones and slang”, while the Irish “lilting jibe” has people around the world falling in love with the accent. So why are these two accents so close and yet so far apart? As an Australian, I can understand: Although Australians and Kiwis might sound comparatively close to the untrained ear.

The New Zealand accent has been rated the sexiest in the world, with the Aussie twang coming in at number five. suggest these accents are the most homogeneous out of all the English-speaking countries.

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