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The #1 reason for losing customers is unsatisfactory customer service. The customer expected something, but you didn’t deliver — perhaps the expectation never even occurred to you, or maybe outside factors you couldn’t control got in your way. More importantly, they’ll know you’re not listening to them and valuing their input when you don’t try to implement any of their suggestions. Buffer App recently posted a stunning example of transparency. The whole point of seeking input from customers and prospects is to figure out how you can better deliver what they most desire, ultimately to improve customer satisfaction and service quality, and to increase customer retention rates. Other options include, If your customers are tech-savvy and somewhat younger, chat is often their preferred method of contact. Our happy customers; Login ; Login. proven techniques to increase the value of your sales, carefully analyze what your competitors are doing. So you want to approach this from your customer’s perspective to ensure customer satisfaction. In fact, 81% of companies who provide great customer experiences and customer satisfaction do much better than their competitors, according to the 2009 “Customer Experience Maturity Monitor” report from the Peppers & Rogers Group. Being transparent is about being forthcoming, ethical, and trustworthy. Being authentic is about being yourself and being genuine. right (and wrong), you’ve hit on a winning combination that the competition won’t be able to beat. Another process that helps you maintain the right mix of “natural fit” customers is a periodic “80/20” analysis of your current customers and clients. Do this and your customers will fall in love with you. Ideally, you want to adopt a system for support that you can scale — one that grows with you. In fact, it’s more effective than any other kind of marketing. If you want your business to grow and stay healthy, you need to listen to whatever input your customers give you in their customer feedback. Far too many negative experiences with customers actually boil down to unmet expectations. According to author Perry Marshall, who wrote 80/20 Sales & Marketing, the well-known 80/20 rule also applies to customers and revenues. If you’re a B2B business, then you want to make the health of your target business clients or customers a primary concern. Ideal customer profiles help you get to know the basic demographics, fears, desires and needs of each segment of your market. If you’re B2C, on the other hand, you want people who are ready and intensely willing to solve the problem you address with your product and service. word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is hands-down the most effective and reliable type of marketing. Being transparent might sound a little like being authentic, which we covered before, but this is different. It should also guide your overall content marketing strategy as well as SEO. Remember that truth will win out, as they say, and it’s to your own business’s benefit to commit to authenticity from the start. After all, who doesn’t like being valued and appreciated? Be clear and concise when explaining changes. What is active listening? Had the situation been better handled from the start, perhaps through customer engagement or customer feedback, Instagram could’ve had a much better outcome without losing customer/user trust. Sure, some of the comments have some honest criticism and suggestions — all of which is valuable and I’ll bet Kevan and the Buffer team are taking it all seriously. If you can do that, you can make even the most hard-to-impress customers fall in love with your brand. Lots of. Sometimes, the customer is not only wrong, but has crossed a line. One thing I’ve noticed lately is that everyone is talking about making a business and its marketing “customer-centered.” But when you get right down to … They’ve been around the block a few times and they’re naturally skeptical. . You like to have conversations with your customers. And they get more nervous as days tick by with no word from you. Design your customer’s experience – Once your qualified leads become customers, you want to make sure their experience is nothing short of delightful, to immediately start building customer loyalty. The more detailed and data-driven your customer profiles are, the more useful you’ll find them. After all, growing companies are likelier to grow with you and give you their repeat business. Well, a qualified lead is one who’s really serious about their need for what you do or provide, and is ready to buy — perhaps not right this second, but soon. Your business depends on how well and how consistently you put your customers’ needs at the forefront of everything you do. Great word of mouth (WOM) is a priceless asset for any small business, and. According to E-Consultancy’s 2014 Cross Channel Marketing Report, only 2 in 5 companies “‘understand customer journeys and adapt the channel mix accordingly’.”. What’s happening on the inside of the organization is felt on the outside by the customers… It stands to reason that your customer relationship management should be focusing more on the customers in that 20% group is a wiser investment than putting the bulk of your energies and attention into wooing the other 80% who bring in a fraction of that in revenue.

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