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post mortem questionnaire

* + Ş ß ğ ñ In order for a post mortem to truly be successful, you MUST identify actionable things to change for next time and follow through on implementing those changes. 3. Document unpleasant mid-project surprises as well. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. �p�����tE�Q���Lp���7a�Y-��i���Y�^���t�@�n��t�@��2u�M���79����N����� Take action. With targeted topics and a curated group of people you can actually have a post mortem that lasts 45 minutes! It would be a great waste of time to create a beautiful project postmortem, archive it, and forget about it. Include your schedule and budget estimates as well as the true outcomes. ** Post-Mortem Owner:** Your name goes here. In what areas did the project fail? The document can then be published on an intranet, so everyone in the company has easy access to it. How did you respond to them? If you don’t do it though, the entire meeting will have been a waste. Theatrical productions require the work of many people. Project Questions Give at least 10 answers to each of the following questions. [Edit above as necessary] 2. But you don’t have to review every single process and interaction on every show. Notes on the questions are attached. w " ¹ ù J 0 z ¹ 6 ™ 6 ¹ ¹ 6 6 Í , U U ¹ U U U U U ¯ Project Post Mortem Questions. 4. ���� F [Content_Types].xml �(� ̗�N�0��H�C�+jܲ�EM9��X*`�ikpl˞��홤� Involve all contributors. If you already have a checklist, then update it with new refinements. Z The Project Post Mortem Report is one of the final documents for the project and is used by the project manager and senior level management to assess the success of the project, identify best project practices, problem areas, and provide detailed suggestions for improvement on future projects. Document what went right. Despite its grim-sounding name, a postmortem can be an extremely productive method of improving your development practices. What unanticipated changes occurred throughout the project? J J J . Share post-mortem takeaways. Right?!?!? If others were involved in your project, arrange a project review meeting. This is the hardest part of all because it requires effort on your part after the meeting is over. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of the post mortem. h�t� � _rels/.rels �(� ���J1���!�}7�*"�loD��� c2��H�Ҿ���aa-����?_��z�w�x��m� Write up a summary of the topic, the discussion points, and the actionable steps for the future. List any known bugs or compatibility problems. What went wrong? While it is perfectly acceptable to create a simple text document for small projects, I recommend using HTML for large projects. Giving feedback the right way is important. Did development proceed smoothly? Use the questions in the second section to develop conclusions and recommendations for post-mortem/lessons learned documentation concerning team work and … In theatre that just isn’t the reality. Le post-mortem : au-delà des projets isolés & terminés. This will also help with accountability for when you put these ideas into practice. Some people rarely have the opportunity to comment on the working environment, process, or experiences they have had working. © For a multi-release product, include additional data on each upgrade. Others may find it useful as well. 5. You can ping people ahead of time for ideas  if you want. We often do not work with the same people, with the same company, or in the same venue on the next show. On large projects you can even conduct a mini-postmortem after each milestone, allowing you to profit from what you've learned as soon as possible. It also makes it easy to create a collection of postmortems over time, with links between related sections of different documents. A great use of the post mortem is to go back and try to understand why a decision was made. Complete the following postmortem questionnaire for your SE group project. 7. However, that assumes we’ll be working with the same team the next time around. Source: www.dexterity.com/postmortem/ * + İ Ş ß ğ ñ ‚ Copyright © 1999 by Dexterity Software. 10. Comme le suggère Kyle Eliason, la technique du post-mortem peut s'appliquer ailleurs que pour un projet isolé, par exemple dans le cadre d'opérations courantes.. Vous pouvez utiliser le post-mortem de manière récurrentes et l'adapter à votre processus, par exemple chaque semaine, mois, trimestre, ou année. Secondly, include targeted questions for specific areas that might need improvement. ** Call Recording:** Link to the incident call recording. I spent about two-thirds of the entire project on very painstaking level design, far longer than I expected. �%�\"9���牓���RL�yit�:a��c�H=����e��N�2"6�N��[���P��#��}HC7�V��b|�����h�-�4X�wC1Q\�����ˆg�3���4�'xi��7j��J�iu|�� �֒*���?���:+w�f�C �u��N'��H �[��:���(�\���2��ē�D¢X�� �TH�Z�G0^��H����� Ask them their opinion on the topics under discussion. Was this a cost-effective project? Did you explore experimental ideas, use new technology or development tools, or develop for a new platform? Ø Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó Ó edñ_Ÿa &. This is the hardest part of all because it requires effort on your part after the meeting is over. After all, you’re going to be doing one of these after every show, right? ƒ This makes it hard to develop any type of cohesive process from one show to the next. The topic can be something that was new or challenging brought on by the subject matter of the show, or a specific technical/design element. / What should you start doing, keep doing, or stop doing? So, why have a post mortem if the process is never the same? How can we leave a post mortem with useful information, without feeling like we’ve all just wasted a potential day off? You could also schedule smaller meetings between groups of people that interacted a lot through the production – making the substance of each meeting more relevant for each person. We have an opportunity to better understand the actions of others or the priorities of specific job roles that we might have misunderstood. PK ! And finally, use a free-form comments section for open-ended feedback. At the end of the day, if you didn’t find your last post mortem useful, keep trying. My last project's greatest challenge was flushing out the design. All rights reserved. Here are a few areas you can focus on to get more from a post mortem. Send out a project survey immediately after project completion, with plenty of time to collect and review the results before the in-person meeting. Complete the following postmortem questionnaire for your SE group project. With these types of discussions, remember to keep things factual and remove emotion which will set you up well for some good solid closure. Assess your risk management. Notes on the questions are attached. © 2020 Propared, LLC. The final step is to develop an action plan that can be applied to your next project. Your memories will still be fresh, and you'll have a good perspective to see the project as a whole rather than focusing too strongly on the most recent work. Consider making the survey anonymous, which often helps team members to be more candid. But spend the time to identify others in your company who deal with the same challenges. Describe the product's purpose, intended customer, and other general information. Document the size of the media and system requirements for the end user. I know, this seems selfish, but if so much is changing from show to show, sometimes the best you can do is improve your own process. 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