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rwby conquest

He saw a massive army wearing all sorts of armor, some men on foot, some men on horses, all of them having red with three golden lions.

Men were getting hacked to pieces. Pyrrha held Milo, point aimed right at the armored figure.

The effects were not lazy. Look, we don't want any problems." Robert said. Well you ain't goin to be takin no secrets back to them Frenchies. As such, let me give you some background in case you don't know much about the Hundred Wars as well Joan of Arc, the character who Jaune is based off of in name.

Or will history be changed forever? It hurt to think about that arrow. All of them wore a red overcoats that had the pattern of three golden lions, one above the other, they carried large banners that held the same exact pattern of three golden lions above one another. He looked into the scope to realize she wasn't wrong. She prodded again. Ironwood hails from the region of Atlas, where he is the Headmaster of Atlas Academy, as well as an officer in the military, holding the rank of general.

Let me know what you think.

As the fight progressed, she realized that it was probably the last time she would see Jaune.

Now she woke up in a bright and vibrant world. I hope you liked this chapter. "They don't have guns…" Pyrrha said with amazement and horror.

He sighed. Henry VI is proclaimed to be the rightful king of England and France as an infant. There was no pain. He said anger rising in his voice. "Well…..

No one was going to take Jaune away from her. Pyrrha whispered watching the horrible carnage. Follow/Fav RWBY Conquest By: lordxsauron Before death could snatch Jaune and Pyrrha, they awake to find themselves in an unfamiliar land, the Kingdom of France engulfed in a famous war known as the One Hundred Years War. Men were falling on the ground missing, crying out in pain and death missing limbs. "Robert, we'll take you up on that offer." He gave a dark grin to Pyrrha. This work could have adult content.

Whatever fixed it, probably fixed us as well" He fumbled around with an explanation as he stood up. It can be categorized into three major periods of the fighting. "Jaune? Both sides were getting stabbed, hacked, slashed, and punctured. Jaune muttered as he gave the rifle back to its owner. Jaune put his hand Pyrrha's shoulder which made her hesitant lower Milo.

Pyrrha whispered putting Milo down, Jaune could only nod, but where was here? Hey there guys! "Wh….

None. I will warn you guys: This will be historical and not historical at the same time, RWBY canon and not canon. If you like this story/chapter, please leave a review, follow, or favorite. Now this is where Joan of Arc comes into play where she leads the armies of France against England and their Burgundian allies. Some characters will be based off of real people, while others not so much, the events will have changed, while others not so much. By: Risingthunder45-Rated M for Sexual Content- What happens if a Merc on the job is suddenly sent forth to the Grimm Queen herself to do...questionable things in order to lower the resistance of her enemies to carry on with her master plan?

"Although, I must ask how did you do that? Those unfortunate that didn't have armor were cut into ribbons. Unless they were no longer in Remnant. The line started to break, you could hear men groaning in the background. She was breathing and still had a heartbeat. I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Legion205. I highly encourage you look into them.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Jaune looked at Pyrrha. No one was taking her anywhere.

Pyrrha held on Milo, unsure what to do.

They made it into the outlying forest which covered in thick brushes. "I…. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Why are these two kingdoms are at war?".

"To be honest, I'm not too sure. He said surprised.

At her command, the one that Summer was facing flashed to life, showing a Grimm's-eye view of a battered and weakened Team RWBY, their Auras depleted. "Your dress is very different.".

Jaune said. Foot soldiers started to move in large blocks, trying to maintain a line.

"Henry VI has claimed that he is the rightful heir to the throne after the death of our beloved Charles VI.

He looked down to see that his armor was unscathed.

It would be my honor to escort the two of you." The reds finally released their own foot soldiers, fresh and eager for the fight.

With a mighty heave, she slammed down the helmet, which caused the man to drop his sword.

"We don't even know who you are."

Jaune shrugged.

Thousands of arrows were released.

He sat up to find a red head in her bronze armor corset and her and bronze greaves lying beside him weapons beside her. *CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK*.

Salem simply desires pleasure.


Pyrrha whispered watching the field intently. Jaune said raising his hands up in a gesture to show he didn't mean him any harm.

She looked up at hearing that blushing to which he brought his forehead to touch her own. Uh….. umm… no?" If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. "Jaune I don't think these people are from any known kingdom."

Where was he? Y/n was really kissing Pyrrha. "What was that for?" The blues finally retreated. Other kingdoms and factions would be involved such as the Holy Roman Empire (Modern day Germany), Spain, and a few Italian city states selling mercenaries to the highest bidder. "They come from the island kingdom of England.

They wore a blue coats over their armor while some of them, they carried banners of white banners with some kind of odd, golden symbol he couldn't describe. And she'll take it from whoever she wants. -My name is snot and I approve this message. "Sound like it is getting closer, let's use the forest as cover."

Jaune stumbled.

If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser).

He wrapped his arms around Pyrrha and brought her into a hug. Pyrrha and Jaune turned instantly crimson red. She remembered the desperate kiss before they ascended up the tower.

"We aren't from here." "I mean no harm to you."

"You hear that?"

The man prodded.


They sprinted towards the forest, not an easy task when it was off in the distance. "You are in the Kingdom of France of course." A horde of bloodthirsty men crying out for the blood of the blues. "You may call me Robert.". This starts off the second portion of the Hundred Years War where France actually loses Paris (the capital.) The reds charged. He placed an ear up to her chest. He gently shook her. Pyrrha suggested as she transformed Milo into her rifle to aim down the scope to get a better visual.

Can they manage to defeat a powerful kingdom and save France?

He felt something drag him down somewhere. Cell 502 wouldn't have been possible without Legion205. I can tell you are no friends of the English." ', She gripped Milo.

I thought… you died… we…."

I feel like I'm taking a shot in the dark here lol. Trainer, girlfriend?". We are not trying to copy them or usurp them. Once I'm done with you, Imma take your friend back to camp with me." We owe them a lot. Some raised their shields to attempt to protect themselves.

He didn't need a scope to see what was going to happen. Their conversation was cut short when the reds erupted with movement. Chapter Text. Jaune whispered.

"Pyrrha?" Pyrrha asked to which Jaune nodded. How did Milo… well… get fixed?".

She pulled back the arrow and released it. "She's my partner... my uhhhh friend?

A war like this would have been recorded in the history of Remnant. His short brown hair, greasy from not being washed in a long time, his eyes were blue, while his thin mustache parted ways in between his nose, didn't expand past his mouth.

"No. He asked squinting his eyes at a dust cloud that was settling. "Jaune… we need to get out of here." None of these names matched anything in Remnant, or even the history of Remnant, "Orleans, although you may not want to go there. He shook a little more vigorously. "I saw you…. "I would have it be him then you."

He had to work it through the leather armor, but it did manage to go through.

Did they die? "Neither, we don't know where we are. He also remembered….. PYRRHA! "We should be careful of any Grimm in the area." 'I know, but as long as we are together, that's all that matters.'

Chapter Text. Jaune said, Pyrrha still held Milo pointed at the stranger, Akouo at the ready as well.

What she saw didn't make any sense. ", "You really must not be from here…." She said confusedly as she looked into his blue, sapphire eyes, with her own fearful, anxiety, eyes that were tearing up.

"Jaune?" His nature is inverted and his goal is to enthrall every potential huntress he sets his eye on in order to diminish Ozpin's forces with little effort and no bloodshed. Robert said almost astonished. A good start. She said quietly as she burrowed her head into his chest. Summary: Before Jaune Arc made it to Beacon he was abducted by Salem and corrupted by her to be a vanguard of dark lust and conquest. The mission to steal the powers of the Fall Maiden hadn’t gone well at all, they’d been interrupted by some scraggly Huntsman with a … She immediately checked her armor and chest for any damage. "My name is Sir Robert de Baudricourt, son of the Chamberlain of the Duke of Bar." A group of soldiers, wearing leather armor and cowls, moved forward past the main army and spread out. ", "The English are laying siege to it. She felt her world slip, the only thing she remembered was a bright blinding white light. Ironwood has had previous interactions with Ozpin and Glynda Goodwitch dating back several years, as evidenced by the level of familiarity with which they address each other. He also remembered getting soundly beaten. "King of France….." Jaune thought outloud. "Well that is unusual…" She said as scanned the massive army. The Reds cheered and cursed at their enemies. Follow/Fav RWBY Conquest By: lordxsauron Before death could snatch Jaune and Pyrrha, they awake to find themselves in an unfamiliar land, the Kingdom of France engulfed in a famous war known as the One Hundred Years War. Men were being cut into pieces.

Jaune noticed he was having the same physical pains as if he was still alive. ", "One more question.

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