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save me 2 kdrama review

i just love how they cast amazing actors for this drama and not some overrated actors thank god! Woo Hyun as Boong Eo Live On (jTBC)

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I like both season but this season was perfect for me with amazing performance of Uhm Tae GOO <3 I love youuuuu and your voice :D Please come back as soon as possible <3. Her life at home is bleak. omg the current asianwiki rating now is at 69???

I have seen many more dramas, and I am always watching something new. It’s the second season of Save Me (Season 1). Its more an anthology than a sequel. The ending really give me mixed feelings because the only one who got a happy ending is Mincheol's family while the other villagers are struggling to get by and let the incidents pass them. 23:00 time slot previously occupied by ", "Save Me 2" is based on 2013 animation film ". GT Jun 06 2020 10:34 pm Anyhow, I'll still try to watch this somehow, sometime in the future since I'm still in awe of the first season and don't want to ruin it, which happened to most dramas that I like with 2nd season like Iris, and vampire prosecutor when season 2 left things unfinished and season 3 became hopeless now. Kim Min-Cheol (Um Tae-Goo) was once a promising judo athlete in his high school days, but, due to his personality with a strong sense of justice, he went in and out of prison. sf Jun 08 2019 4:35 am snowlace May 04 2019 7:01 am The only things that concerns me is on how they're gonna make the story more interesting since the plot itself is simple enough. and excited for um tae-goo. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); dropdown.onchange = onCatChange; Man in a Veil (KBS2) “Save Me 2” is based on 2013 animation film “The Fake“. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Helen K Jan 28 2020 3:40 pm The scene where the police chief come to visit them one by one a couple years later when one of them died alone is the most heart breaking, the fact that none of them really goes to the funeral broke my heart even further. Korean religious cults are very dangerous and Save me was based on real stuff. i’ve watch till ep 10 and this drama is just so good. first ep didnt really get me hooked right away but it gets better really quickly. Mail (required but will not be published). Wow this show is so good I didn’t want to watch it because it has no relationship with the first season and I even watched two episodes without paying attention to it but when I really watched it I realized how good this show is I guess the low rating is due to the fact that people aren’t watching. The story development kinda slow compare to first one but still it's great to see each character develop. I had a high hope for this drama. Private Lives (jTBC) He’s the kind of decent bloke who steps in at his local when a stroppy student refuses to take his spliff outside, who does his girlfriend’s Avon-like round when she’s too ill. I was intrigued by their personalities, backstories, and the methods by which they face the overarching theme of the drama.With no revenge plot or silly romantic pairings, this drama is strangely refreshing and highly recommended (not for kids!). I’m still thinking whether I should watch or not.

Her brother Kim Min-Cheol returns home, but her life is still bleak as usual. And I don’t get why viewers like his hoarse voice... meh. but as i mentioned, it’s a good drama in it alone! Gripping … Suranne Jones and Lennie James in Save Me, Sky Atlantic. Also i must agree to most of the commenters here that the title souldn't be "Save Me 2" if there's no connection or cast from "Save Me". This drama nice and good . Spoilers.. Birthcare Center (tvN) This is a perfect story to immortalized th importance of FAITH... as the final question of Kim Yeong Son stated that "Even after witnessing a miracle, could we live without faith?" But i do hope there's at least mention of the event on Save Me or the previous cast to do a cameo, so we know that this drama at the same timeline with previous one. Save Me review – Suranne Jones shines as a grief-stricken mother in a complex mystery 4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. Such a bad luck for people of Wolchoori there's a pro scammer targeting them when they're in a tough position, I get how they come out to trust Choi Kyungsuk till the end because he's the only one who gave them hope, even a law professor from a big university got win over by Choi, let alone the people from the countryside who were not as well educated. that was really funny and fun to see. i like it drama, Wiee Jun 09 2019 12:11 am This serial is super coool!!!!!!!!! Loved both seasons for different reasons. is the story related with the previous session? Even this as a standalone is great for a drama’s standard.

they only titled this “Save Me 2” so that the people who watched and enjoyed the first one would watch this despite it being about different characters and almost a completely different story. The Penthouse (SBS) tsktsk.. pikanim Jun 22 2019 12:23 pm Black parade May 15 2019 10:02 pm

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Mia Jun 02 2019 6:08 am Tahun ini, sekuel kedua dari drama Save Me ini rencananya akan mulai tayang pada 8 Mei mendatang menggantikan drama … Farhansyah Mar 29 2019 7:30 am This one is a more grownup version I would say and hopefully darker as the leads all have a dark past. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=77; //]]>, //

Please make season 3 with jo jae yun as main cast!!! they should have called this drama “The Fake” because that is the name of the movie that directly inspired it. This is absolutely way better than the first season.

This is a really frustrating drama to watch but I love it so much. (SBS) It's not that I don't like the drama, in fact I do like it, but Um Tae Goo's acting is so strong and unique, it makes me excited and anxious about the wait inbetween new episodes. I loved the first drama and when I saw there was a second season I was super excited to watch it however none of the main cast from the first are taking place within this drama. Secret Forest 2 (tvN)

– Trailer IV, Whooohooo Thanks for your update, mimin . I really love the characters ofc it’s different from the season 1 but I like this new season better. The actors are amazing, the story line is interesting from the start until the end. But the cast is excellent and the central mystery strong. he was from save me he acted Jo Wan-Tae. It is smart, too, to have Suranne Jones’s Claire (Nelly’s ex and the mother of Jody, the missing girl) as a woman who lives a plummy middle-class life, with a swimming pool in the grounds of her massive house in Surbiton. You get the impression that Jones could act grief in her sleep, but she is impressively subtle here, opting for muted panic rather than hysteria. im excited for this . When you’ve got Stephen Graham as a pub regular who almost fades into the background, it’s obvious that his character will have something more to do with it.

I understand if it is a movie than it will hbe interesting. All the acts were well planned and well executed. LOL I'm also glad Madame Ko ended up with Kim min cheol and her love didn't end up being one sided. I thought, for once, someone from the neighborhood or from his family will believe in the goodness within him. Olivia Jun 28 2019 11:39 am Bcs i never watched the old one, and i wanna watch this session. Homemade Love Story (KBS2) caca Jun 07 2019 10:36 am

Thanh Jun 28 2019 3:32 am Kim Young Sun as village head’s wife if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") tim May 16 2019 9:01 pm It’s the second season of Save Me (Season 1) . Do You Like Brahms?

So, please don’t be surprised with the low rating. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); And the story will be "jo jaeyun season 1 (jo wantae) VS jo jaeyun season 2 (police officer shin pilgoo)", Me Aug 29 2019 7:43 am I like how the anti-hero Mincheol go from just wanting to prove that Choi is a dirtbag to began to really care about the people and save them from Choi.

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