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struggle sentence

The struggle opened with a series of Austrian successes. According to Schwegler, the puteal originally indicated that the place had been struck by lightning, and the story is a reminiscence of the early struggle between the state and ecclesiasticism. My participants and I struggled to talk about our sexuality completely outside of a gender dichotomy. The persistence with which he and his successors urged them made stable peace impossible for more than a century, and this made the struggle famous in history as the Hundred Years' War. (violent, fierce, life-and-death, bitter) " There is an ongoing struggle for freedom in that country. Toby bit back a yell as he was launched over the treetops into the sky, in the direction of the Lake of Souls. Not only did the movie bring Spiderman face-to-face with two major villains, the plot also turned Peter Parker against himself as he struggled with the dark side inflicted upon him by the crash landing of an alien symbiote. And I think I … He struggled with the words, hating how weak they sounded. Our struggle for self-preservation intensified as the war progressed. The struggle ended in the deposition of Dagobert and the triumph of Baldwin (1102). Mowry, The Dorr War; or the Constitutional Struggle in Rhode Island (Providence, 1901); Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, 1636-1792 (io vols., Providence, 1856-65); Rhode Island Historical Society, Collections (to vols., to be continued, Providence, 1827-1902); Proceedings and Publications, 23 numbers (Providence, 1872-1902, to be continued). Throughout 1458 the struggle between the young king and the magnates, reinforced by Matthias's own uncle and guardian Szilagyi, was acute. During the 1960's, the company struggled to stay profitable and was forced to try a new business strategy. Despite her obvious talent, Winehouse struggled with addictions to alcohol and drugs. The fingers of the clock had been pushed back; once more things were as they had been at the time of the First Crusade; once more the West must arm itself for the holy war and the recovery of Jerusalem - but now it must face a united Mahommedan world, where in 1096 it had found political and religious dissension, and it must attempt its vastly heavier task without the morning freshness of a new religious impulse, and with something of the weariness of a hundred years of struggle upon its shoulders. Torn over this proclamation, he struggled with the idea and says, "I had never been religious. Just ask any woman who's struggled into a pair of jeans, stood frustrated in the middle of the swimsuit department or searched in vain for that perfect dress. But after Walt Disney's death in 1966, the studio struggled through the 1970s, as if it could not find its way without its founder at its helm. It was strange to struggle against her own mind. Aided by the disorders of the minority of Louis XIV., she struggled on till the peace of the Pyrenees in 1659, by which Roussillon was ceded to France. A year later the Duma again came into collision with the government in a matter highly illuminating of the struggle between the ancient traditions and the new ideas in Russia. Rome has been overthrown, but, as Rome is only the last secular manifestation of Satan, there is yet the final struggle with Satan and his adherents. Yully struggled to control the energies into her body, still leery of the invaders. The presidential election of 1874 resolved itself, as so often before, into a struggle between the provincials and the poytenos (Buenos Aires). Lisa struggled out of the chair and limped over to the sack of groceries. Abroad, the struggle was continued against Charles V. Ill-nourished, over-worked and, it may be, disappointed, he finds the struggle intolerable and so passes out into the darkness. The Danes returned to the struggle with increased forces under the command of King Christian in person, but they were again defeated - their admiral being killed and his ship taken. She must have struggled and may have hurt him. The movement as a whole was of exactly the same character as the industrial revolution in England, and it led to the same result, a struggle for electoral reform. She struggled through the jungle before calling out, "Can you hear me? Everything was a struggle, and life in general wasn't heading towards her goal. Attainment of success is a life-long struggle. The Cid of history, though falling short of the poetical ideal which the patriotism of his countrymen has so long cherished, is still the foremost man of the heroical period of Spain - the greatest warrior produced out of the long struggle between Christian and Moslem, and the perfect type of the Castilian of the 12th century. A struggle soon took place between Henry and Charles III., the Simple, king of France, for the possession of Lorraine. Blaming herself for taking his mind off of their survival, she fell silent and followed him. Weakened already, she struggled for her balance. ii., which unmistakably foreshadows Darwin's idea of a struggle for existence, we read: " Among millions of creatures whatever could preserve itself abides, and still after the lapse of thousands of years remains in the great harmonious order. Audiences cheered as Godzilla and Ebirah struggled in the water and Godzilla ripped Ebirah's claws off. When Frederick renewed the war she accepted the struggle cheerfully, because she hoped to recover her own. From the flash of the rifles, it was clear that the French main position was still intact, and as every body of troops within thirty-six hours' call had been engaged there seemed little prospect of renewing the struggle next morning. The utter exhaustion of his people in the course of a hopeless struggle with Holland, France and England was seen by him with sympathy, but he considered it an unavoidable misfortune and not the result of his own errors, since he could not be expected to renounce his rights or to desert the cause of God and the Church. During this second struggle to the death with Genoa, the Venetians had been also at strife with the Carraresi of Padua and the Scaligers of Verona. But the military development and real importance of Pisa in the nth century must be attributed to the continuous and desperate struggle it maintained against the tide of Saracenic invasion from Sicily. Back at Queensferry, the heavily-loaded car always struggled very hard to get up the steep brae from the Hawes Inn. The struggle that followed was, however, destined once more to be a duel between Russia and Turkey. Her fatigued body ached while her tired mind struggled to keep her thoughts clear of emotion. 2. Another word for struggle. It was the last spiritual struggle between life and death, in which death gained the victory. The film industry was particularly charged with patriotism during the struggle days. struggle. William Harness (born May 31, 1980), professionally known as Struggle Jennings, is an American country rapper from Nashville, Tennessee. More dangerous was the rebellion of Egypt under Inarus (Inaros), which was put down by Megabyzus only after a long struggle against the Egyptians and the Athenians (460-454). Cynegils' next struggle was with Penda of Mercia, and here again he was worsted, the battle being fought in 628 at Cirencester, and was probably compelled to surrender part of his kingdom to Mercia. He struggled to withhold them until they could be presented in a complete form; but they were urgently needed for the progress of science, and the astronomer-royal was a public servant. He went to jail a number of times, during the freedom struggle. Between the two aeons there would take place the advent of the Messiah, who would lead the struggle with evil powers which was called " the agonies of the Messiah.". We struggled through the waves toward a spit of land. struggled to cope with the blinding rain. The struggle was especially bitter during the administrations of the last three royal governors, Arthur Dobbs (1684-1765), William Tryon (1729-1788) and Josiah Martin (1737-1786). The UK sector has struggled to perform, with many areas of advanced instrumentation now only available from foreign manufacturers. Though severely tried by disappointments and defeats he never lost hope, and when he died in 1584 he was preparing to renew the struggle and endeavouring to form for that purpose an alliance with England; his great idea, however, was not to be realized till more than a century later, and meanwhile the tsardom of Muscovy had to pass through a severe internal crisis in which its existence was seriously endangered. The Congress had agreed to reconsider its stance on the armed struggle. The intense fear broke within her, and she struggled. Dusty struggled not to smile then released it with a chuckle. When, however, he was again attacked by Charles Martel, the Saracens renewed their ravages, and Odo was defeated near Bordeaux; he was compelled to crave protection from Charles, who took up this struggle and gained his momentous victory at Poitiers in 732. After the failure of this expedition the Athenians apparently became absorbed in a prolonged struggle with Aegina. But with the struggle raging before him he remained undecided, until at Jena the decision had clearly fallen, and then he crossed the river and arrived with fresh troops too late for their services to be required. "Arthur asked me to marry him," Ethel pronounced as Dean struggled with an obstinate bra snap. Some of the contestants struggled to maintain their creative visions. The youth of our country played a very important role during our freedom struggle. And they all struggled and suffered and tormented one another and injured their souls, their eternal souls, for the attainment of benefits which endure but for an instant. "Czerno … I know he can …" Darian struggled visibly. From 1461 to 1465 the career of Matthias was a perpetual struggle punctuated by truces. Instead of clearing away to allow them passage, it stayed where it was, obstructing them. But from such glimpses of early Attic history as we can get the union of the Attic towns would seem to have been completed before the constitutional struggle began. Flanders became a battle-field in the great struggle between France and England, and the war of trade prohibitions led to infractions of the German privileges in Bruges. This was the moment chosen by Genoa for a desperate and decisive struggle with her perpetual rival. Whatever may be thought of the manner of this refusal, or of its immediate motives, it was in itself wise, for the German empire would have lost immeasurably had it been the cause rather than the result of the inevitable struggle with Austria, and Bismarck was probably right when he said that, to weld the heterogeneous elements'of Germany into a united whole, what was needed was, not speeches and resolutions, but a policy of "blood and iron.". It was early in 1862, when the struggle of Bismarck with the Prussian liberals was already begun. 95 examples: However, the unresolved internal power struggle continued to simmer. by the empress Matilda, but for some time struggled to maintain its independence. But the dissensions of the native Franks and the crusaders made it hopeless to continue the struggle; and Richard was alarmed by the news which reached him of John's intrigues in England and Normandy. After a prolonged struggle, Alva succeeded in obtaining a subsidy of 2,000,000 fl. Cristina, Alex, Meredith and Izzie struggled with having their own interns, medical issues and romantic woes while George struggled with the desire to take his residency exam again. turgid stuff from both sides as Swindon struggled to get out of first gear. In 1864 the ambitious dictator of Paraguay, Francisco Solano Lopez, without previous declaration of war, captured a Brazilian vessel in the Paraguay, and rapidly followed up this outrage by an armed invasion of the provinces of Matto Grosso and Rio Grande in Brazil, and that of Corrientes in the Argentine Republic.

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