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the lonely palette behold the monkey

This week: one man's trash is Ghanian artist El Anatsui's treasure. Listen to them both at soonishpodcast.org, and before you want out, remember: the world needs laughter. Graves”, “Lobo Lobo”, “Lumber Down”, “Cloudy Cider” VOICE 6: …and it blends into a neck that is just as thick as the head. He fall apart, I fix! SETH MEYERS: Well, now, I will admit your painting has been a hit. KATE McKINNON as CECILIA GIMÉNEZ: Buenas tardes, Seth!

GARCIA: The problem started when she painted the head as well. But a funny nightmare.

I mean, by all conventional metrics, this painting is hugely successful. Not all heroes wear capes. It was a rare 19th century fresco known as Ecce Homo, painted by Spanish artist Elias Garcia Martinez, and depicting the image of Jesus Christ. Or, in the words of the press, “a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic,” “a Christ with shrimpy black eyes, a melting face, and a shrub-like toupee,” “an updated monkey Christ with a freakish new power all its own,” or, if you’re into that whole brevity thing, “Beast Jesus,” “Potato Jesus,” “Ecce Mono” (a Latin Spanish hybrid that translates as ‘behold the monkey’) and, according to the New York Times, quite simply, “the worst art restoration of all time.”. The fruits of the Second Annual Year-End Patreon Listener Challenge has us staring directly into the cold dead eyes of the beast! Users who like Ep. 1.9K likes. And Giménez has said in recent interviews that the internet love she gets now has done a lot to erase the internet hate.

These are a slate of deeply important issues in art history, and while we’re supposed to shame this whackadoo vandal for turning Christ’s crown of thorns into a furry hatscarf that bandages an old-timey toothache, I would also argue that we also owe her a debt of a gratitude as well. This week: you’ve never noticed the carnality of the body you live in, and the rawness of the emotions that live inside that body, until you find yourself spun into French-American sculptor Louise Bourgeois’s web. Their sculptures, masks, and collage-based works are an exploration of ancestral voices, family histories, and the power of hope, faith and self-determination. The Lonely Palette is on break until November 2019, so every Wednesday in October, a different Hub & Spoke producer will take the host's chair to present an episode of their show that Tamar is especially fond of. The Lonely Palette is the first podcast-in-residence at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston! Often times, you’re not even supposed to take pictures of it. Music used: It’s even produced an award-winning wine. Religious faith, and even artmaking in general, is an experience that can move anyone, not just the professionals. And for every conservator who considers his or her job to be right there with the hair dye and botox, preserving these objects in their prime, telling an accurate story of why this object mattered to its contemporary audiences at the time of its creation, there’s another arguing that maybe a more accurate story is that the lifespan of the object in its entirety, thus far, is itself worth celebrating. Think about the frames that once held half a billion dollars’ worth of canvas that now sit empty in the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston, and all the people who come to see them. Everyone who came into the church could see me as I was painting. But let’s be real, of course these objects have a past. Second Annual Patreon Year-End Listener Challenge. So okay, to sum up: whether or not this object, in the grand scheme of things, has been ruined, is clearly up for debate. She talks about the anxiety attacks she’s suffered by having her named dragged into the spotlight, by knowing that her own life will probably end before the life of this meme does – and I’m not absolving myself for participating in its longevity – and that her good, devotional intentions will always, for better or for worse, amount to how much some random lady fucked up this random painting. What if we’re talking about a universally-beloved piece of fine art?

GIMÉNEZ We saw that everything was falling down and we fixed it! No one was hurt, but the lower legs of the statue, and the base, were destroyed, while the rest of the lower sections were blown out in a brilliant, billowing metal plume. VOICE 6: It is…awful. VOICE 5: A…portrait of a very warmly dressed matryoshka doll that is stuck to the bottom of an empty sardine can. And what’s fascinating is that acts of iconoclasm have deeply ironic repercussions. ©2020 The Lonely Palette. He had a beautiful hair. And I want to go back to this idea of the “right reasons” for an object’s fame. Learn more at www.patreon.com/lonelypalette. VOICE 2: I don’t – it doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all, I actually find it really charming. Or did we all just want to participate in a larger pop cultural moment? When you think about an object not just as a timeless piece of art but as a historical record, you get to participate in that history, you embrace it with your community, you become its custodian. Think about my Cleveland-born husband, then boyfriend, who took me to the CMA the first time I went to the city to meet his family, the first stop being his beloved Rodin sculpture. This week: you know TFW you’re rooted in place in front of a video screen, feeling unbearably uncomfortable yet unable to look away, and questioning everything you thought you knew about femininity, self-nourishment, and a woman’s relationship with her own body? I have permission from Jesus!

But for the purposes of art history, think about the role patina can play, both physically and metaphorically. Support the show! The fruits of the Second Annual Year-End Patreon Listener Challenge has us staring…” Thanks as well to Tracie Potochnick, whom you’re hearing right now, the friends and family I forced to stare beast jesus in the face and tell me what they saw: Evan, Ellie, Mom, Wade, Matt, Bridget, Charles, Jamie, Mike, Zach, and Lucas.

VOICE 11: A face that kind of looks like what happened in the X Files after aliens tried to burn off their face. And all of this proves the following three points to me: First, when the invisible boundary between the art and the viewer is transgressed, when people do the unthinkable and touch the art, paint over the art, blow up the art, something extraordinary happens. 36 - Behold the Monkey from The Lonely Palette on Podchaser, aired Thursday, 31st January 2019. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1968 Vinyl release of The Best Of André Brasseur on Discogs. People will say they have their political and personal and emotional reasons for attacking art, and they almost all boil down to the need to deface something that either makes them feel too much – a kind of perverse reaction to the Stendhal Effect – or because they know how much it will hurt the community who loves it. It’s a deeply powerful and disturbing moment in the narrative: the alienated savior depicted either alone or surrounded by his oppressors, suffering, abandoned, and appealing to our humanity. And because it was outside, it was an open target for a radical political group, who, at 1am on March 24, 1970, possibly as a commentary against the Vietnam War, detonated a bomb on the pedestal. Episode sponsor: Nobody even cared that the Ecce Homo is a somewhat common motif in Christian art, or that the words, “ecce homo,” translate to “behold the man.”  Not that many people know that these words were spoken by Pontius Pilate in the moment when he presents a bound Jesus Christ, wearing the crown of thorns, to a hostile crowd in the moments before his crucifixion. For more background, check out Episode 26: Behold the Monkey . It’s the property of my own little community, not some art history textbook, and moreover, it’s a sacred religious icon, more comforting and personal than the secular, academic art historical world could ever fully understand. Second, let’s think about why people would care so much about this artwork in the first place. 0. So relax into your PJs, put your feet up, and let's #MuseumFromHome together. SoundCloud. It started out as a text from a friend from grad school.

Instead, it adopts the attack as a badge of honor.

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