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Wych elm wood is prized by craftsmen for its colouring, its crazy grain, its 'partridge-breast' or 'catspaw' markings, and when worked, its occasional iridescent greenish sheen or 'bloom'. Conversely, U. elliptica Koch from the Caucasus, considered a species by some authorities,[6][7][8] is often listed as a regional form of U. The resultant decline has been extreme, and the wych elm is now uncommon over much of its former range. [43] The earlier trees were raised in response to the initial Dutch elm disease pandemic that afflicted Europe after the First World War, and were to prove vulnerable to the much more virulent strain of the disease that arrived in the late 1960s. [5], Witch Elm did not produce any top racehorses, but some of her descendants became classic winners in Brazil. In keeping with the novel's epigraph, "Only connect...", the wych elm may be seen by some as a symbol of the connection of humans to the earth. [33] Bosses fringed with shoots are burrs, whereas unfringed bosses are burls. As wych elm does not sucker from the roots, and any seedlings are often consumed by uncontrolled deer populations, regeneration is very restricted, limited to sprouts from the stumps of young trees. Since at least the 1970s, the graffiti has sporadically appeared on the Hagley Obelisk near to where the woman's body was discovered, which asks the slightly modified Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?. "Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm" was cited as a direct influence on the 2018 novel The Wych Elm, by Tana French. [38] Other notable specimens in Edinburgh are to be found in Learmonth Gardens and The Meadows.[39]. [11] In September 2016, it was determined that Clara Bauerle had died in Berlin on 16 December 1942. [26] Although rarely used as a street tree owing to its shape, it can be surprisingly tolerant of urban air pollution, constricted growing conditions, and severe pollarding. * Witch Elm was inbred 3x4 to Galopin. [citation needed] They cross-referenced the details they had with reports of missing persons throughout the region, but none of them seemed to match the evidence. [1], She won five races out of the nine she contested as a two-year-old, including the Cheveley Park Stakes and the West of Scotland Foal Stakes at Ayr. About 40 cultivars have been raised, although at least 30 are now probably lost to cultivation as a consequence of Dutch elm disease and/or other factors: NB: 'Exoniensis', Exeter Elm, has traditionally been classified as a form of U. glabra, but its identity is now a matter of contention. Jacob George Strutt's 1822 book, Sylva Britannica attests that the Wych Elm was sometimes referred to as the "Wych Hazel". [6] Witch Elm died in 1923 at the National Stud. = Brown, ch. Some botanists, notably Lindquist (1931), have proposed two subspecies:[11], Much overlap is seen between populations with these characters, and the distinction may owe to environmental influence, rather than genetic variation; the subspecies are not accepted by Flora Europaea. In 1998, over 700 healthy, mature trees were discovered on the upper slopes of Mount Šimonka in Slovakia, but they are believed to have survived courtesy of their isolation from disease-carrying beetles rather than any innate resistance; 50 clones of these trees were presented to the Prince of Wales for planting at his Highgrove Estate, and at Clapham, Yorkshire [9]. [4] However, this is contested; the correct Gaelic name considered Loch Laomainn, its origin obscure. The UK Champion listed in the Tree Register of the British Isles is at Brahan in the Scottish Highlands;[37] it has a girth of 703 cm (2.23 m DBH) and a height of 24 m [8]. This tree overhangs the house of the title and is said to have a "...girth that a dozen men could not have spanned..." Forster describes the tree as "...a comrade, bending over the house, strength and adventure in its roots." montana, outskirts of Edinburgh, While the species is highly susceptible to Dutch elm disease,[18][19] it is less favoured as a host by the elm bark beetles, which act as vectors. is graffiti which that appeared in 1944 following the 1943 discovery by four children of the skeletonised remains of a woman inside a wych elm in Hagley Wood, Hagley (located in the estate of Hagley Hall), in Worcestershire, England. However, there is no evidence that Clara Bauerle was parachuted into England,[11] and several witnesses describe that Clara Bauerle was around 6 ft (180 cm) tall, while Bella was 5 ft (150 cm). ", "Image of Hagley Wood murder victim Bella revealed for first time", "Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm" article on Atlas Obscura, Casefile True Crime Podcast - Case 04 - Who Put Bella In The ‘Witch’ Elm, https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vchJnrZgz-4, Unidentified decedents in the United States, Unidentified murder victims in the United States, National Missing and Unidentified Persons System, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Who_put_Bella_in_the_Wych_Elm%3F&oldid=984839174, Unidentified murder victims in the United Kingdom, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from December 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 12:19. At first he believed it to be that of an animal, but after seeing human hair and teeth, he realised that he had found a human skull. [2][3], An episode of the television programme Nazi Murder Mysteries[8] described a forensic facial reconstruction undertaken by the Liverpool John Moores University's "Face Lab", from photographs of the skull. She was a daughter of Orme, who won the Eclipse Stakes twice and her dam was Cannie Lass, who was a daughter of Ayrshire. [citation needed], Closely related species, such as Bergmann's elm U. bergmanniana and Manchurian elm U. laciniata, native to northeast Asia, were once sometimes included in U. glabra;[5] another close relative is the Himalayan or Kashmir elm U. wallichiana. Who put Bella in the Wych Elm? The case was the topic of the fourth episode of season six of web series BuzzFeed Unsolved, under the title; The Creepy Quandary of Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm. Margaret Schlegel, the novel's protagonist, fears that any "....westerly gale might blow the wych elm down and bring the end of all things..." The tree is changed to a chestnut in the 1991 film adaptation of Howards End. The skull was valuable evidence, in that it still had some tufts of hair and had a clear dental pattern, despite some missing teeth. Other messages in the same hand appeared too. [7] This led investigators down several new leads tracing who Bella could have been. Later that night, Mossop said the woman became drunk, and passed out while they were driving. [6] In addition, they contacted dentists all over the country since the dentistry was quite distinctive. Webber, J. The victim—whose murder is approximated to have occurred in 1941—remains unidentified, and the current location of her skeleton and autopsy report is unknown.[1]. [2] The tree can form pure forests in Scandinavia and occurs as far north as latitude 67°N at Beiarn in Norway, and has been successfully introduced as far north as Tromsø, Norway and Alta, Norway (70°N). [1] The name “Bella” (or “Luebella”) suggested the graffiti artist was probably aware of the identity of the victim or of the killer. [27], Wych elm was widely planted in Edinburgh in the 19th century as a park and avenue tree, and despite losses, it remains abundant there, regenerating through seedlings. The fruit is a winged samara 20 mm long and 15 mm broad, with a single, round, 6 mm seed in the centre, maturing in late spring. The oldest specimen in Edinburgh (2016) is believed to be the tree (girth 5.2  m) in the former grounds of Duddingston House, now Duddingston Golf Course. [1] The likelihood of this being the correct explanation is questioned because Una Mossop did not come forward with this information until more than 10 years after Jack Mossop's death. When police checked the trunk of the tree they found an almost complete skeleton, with a shoe, a gold wedding ring, and some fragments of clothing. [7], Note: b. glabra.[9]. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Witch_Elm&oldid=925622507, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 11 November 2019, at 07:53. [1] However, on returning home, the youngest of the boys, Willetts, felt uneasy about what he had witnessed and decided to report the find to his parents. As he climbed, he glanced down into the hollow trunk and discovered a skull. However, further research eventually produced several trees effectively immune to disease, which were released after 1989. Pages 20–28 in: Martín-Benito D., Concepción García-Vallejo M., Alberto Pajares J., López D. 2005. Research in Spain has indicated the presence of a triterpene, alnulin, rendering the tree bark less attractive to the beetle than the field elm, though at 87 μg/g dried bark, its concentration is not as effective as in Ulmus laevis (200 μg/g). Hybrids with U. glabra in their ancestry have featured strongly in recent artificial hybridization experiments in Europe, notably at Wageningen in the Netherlands, and a number of hybrid cultivars have been commercially released since 1960. [4][n 2] Thinking the location to be a particularly good place to hunt birds' nests, Farmer attempted to climb the tree to investigate.

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