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types of undead

The term undead refers to all creatures or entities that function normally despite having terminated life functions. b Vampire bat- Flimsy bloodsucking vermin that pose no real threat. Act Four Bosses: They can appear in shadowy or translucent shapes, and they can use the energy of their restless spirits to cause temperature changes or flickering lights.

Ghostly Orb - They are said to be the spirits of murdered women or women who died in childbirth, and they are bound to the earth by servitude to a specific family.

The banshee warns the family, with her piercing, mournful cry, when one of its members is going to die. In Chinese folklore, the jiangshi is similar to a vampire. This article also contains the lore information about Undead. Although they are animate, their bodies are not well preserved. Skeleton - We will keep updating individual mythical creatures as we come across any additional information. Ghost - Tank -

Category:Undead Type Similar to the • Desert Cyclops This undead creatures list is dedicated to all of the undead monsters that we just could not dig up enough information or artwork on to dedicate an entire page to at this time. From Warhammer - The Old World - Lexicanum, https://whfb.lexicanum.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Undead&oldid=82268, About Warhammer - The Old World - Lexicanum. Phase Two: Shadow Clone.

Settling a vendetta for a ghost or simply empathizing with them and counselling them through the trauma of their death can help them decide to move on to the realm of death. They have complex emotions and plans, and they can often blend into a population of living people without detection.

Ranged Legends about the afterlife are as ancient as human culture itself, and for almost as long as the afterlife has gripped our imaginations, Undead creatures have been crawling out of it.

No mummy type enemies have been announced for Diablo III yet. Urzael - Adria - Malthael The new lich’s body will gradually shrivel into a skeletal condition, but it will remain limber and will be directed by the soul. Undead not indicated as wearing armor are not proficient with armor. Possibly more will be in the expansion.

They are usually interested in the living and attempt to either communicate with them or prey on them, and they are not vulnerable to death by natural causes. This creature is Monsters Basics -

The mummy’s path into the realm of the Undead is by far the most complicated. Sand Monster -

Most commonly known as zombies or ghosts, undead beings are most typically mindless, bloodthirsty fiends hostile toward any living thing that comes across their path. • Brutal Beast The Varcolac or Vircolac is a wolf-like spirit creature that can grow large enough in size to be able to swallow the moon and cause eclipses. These undead beings are some of the creepiest and scariest creatures found in mythology and are often part of well known urban legends. These are nocturnal hunters risen from the dead, but instead of sucking blood, they suck qi (or life force) from their victims. Please help us by finding, confirming, and inserting official sources at the proper places. King Leoric is the most well known undead monster in Diablo 3. Vampires can keep up in a conversation. The Warden - • Keeper of the Spitting Terrors Because ghosts choose their Undead existence, the best way to get rid of them is to convince them to relinquish the last shreds of their existence on earth. It is associated with the Pricolici, the ghosts of the undead that also take on the form of wolves. Cannot heal damage on its own if it has no, Not at risk of death from massive damage, but when reduced to 0.

Swarm - Undead do not breathe, eat, or sleep. The one thing they have as an advantage is usually that they can take more physical punishment before they are destroyed, and the force or spirit that drives them is removed/expelled. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula were both pivotal to the rebirth of the Undead. This type of undead is the ectoplasmic manifestation of a soul that chose to stay in the mortal realm after losing its normal life, a spirit that has been forced to stay through magic, or perhaps pulled in to the mortal realm from the spirit world. This is not the case according to the lore in other sources where Forsaken share all the characteristics of standard Undead. Zoltun Kulle - Medium undead lawful evil Adze : 4 30 ft. You can also go to the Diablo 2 Wiki to the find Diablo 2 Undead. Summon/Spawn - Treasure Goblins: Treasure Goblin -- Blood Thief -- Odious Collector -- Gem Hoarder -- Malevolent Tormentor -- Rainbow Goblin, Strong CC (Limit 1): Knockback -- Nightmarish -- Vortex -- Jailer Petrified and bound in cloth, mummies are poorly coordinated and have no social skills, just like zombies. They might want to pass along a message to the living, so that their deaths can be avenged, or they might be so shocked by their own grisly end that they are unprepared to accept death. Brigand - The true horror is psychological; it’s the knowledge that the living are just one bite away from joining the ranks of the Undead. Skeleton Mage - Some forms of undead lack any physical forms and exist only ethereally, such as Wraiths; others are corporeal, such as Vampires and Zombies. For example, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, a classic Undead character, is well dressed, smooth spoken, and at times indistinguishable from a living person. A Witch Doctor or Necromancer is capable of summoning undead monsters to help in battle without touching demonic magic, but the term mostly refers to enemies of the player. Mummies rival zombies for the position as the most primitive Undead creature. Even though we haven’t been able to find too many details yet, we still feel some of these creatures are fascinating enough to include in our list of the undead. Over time, the Undead have evolved from terrifying monsters, who inspired common folk to hang garlic in their windows and keep vials of holy water in their pockets, to cautionary symbols, who we can identify with and learn from. The Undead are able, at the very least, to move around and manipulate their environments. various ways but mostly as having the body of a dog or fox with large hind legs The list below offers what we could find and short description. Their level of sophistication varies from creature to creature and story to story. Boss Modifiers - The Undead classification is for several types of corpse or skeleton reanimation. Champions - Most undead are driven by vengeance and hatred to destroy the one thing that they can never have again: life. Archtypes: Undead is an obsolete creature type that appeared on two cards from the Weatherlight set: Hidden Horror and Odylic Wraith.

), also called the living dead or zombies, is a recurring type of enemy from the Final Fantasy series. The only surefire way to stop a zombie is to destroy his brain—or break his body into such small pieces that none of them pose a threat. DPS - Dracolich: A dragon returned from the grave, and a frequent cause of adventurers seriously contemplating their life choices. After a person is deceased, their corpse must be prepared through an elaborate ritual, which involves both embalming techniques, to preserve the body, and magical incantations, to instruct the spirit about its Undead responsibilities. The masses of the undead such as Skeletons and Zombies almost completely lack a will of their own and are dependent on powerful sorcerers for direction. Depending on the type, they usually require weapons of magical nature to damage, and they are experts in draining speed, energy or life from anyone that would have a close encounter with them. be seen at night, lurking in caves and tunnels.

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