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westworld man in black reveal

| Cookie Settings. He shot and killed his way across the land, and eventually rediscovered Dolores where he first found her in Sweetwater ... except this time, Dolores didn't remember him at all.

• In one preview for the season, William is seen holding the Man in Black's same signature knife. It's also revealed that William works for a company that's considering buying a controlling share of Westworld. Logan's family owns the company, and William is engaged to marry Logan's sister, opening up a path for William to one day earn a position of tremendous power — the exact kind of power wielded by the Man in Black.

In other words, if you're eager for Westworld to answer its most pressing questions, don't wait around. Some fans were clued into the character's mysterious identity as early as the second episode. It's a similar story for the Bernard-is-a-host and Bernard-is-Arnold twists, which both featured plenty of signposts along the way toward the reveals. It's a bloody ending to a violent season — one that leaves the show with its biggest star (Anthony Hopkins), its main villain, and the genius mind behind the whole park dead in front of a bunch of doomed board members. Terms of Use |

When Dolores is thrown onto the ground by the Man In Black, she tells him that someone is coming for her, someone that truly loves her. But, really, anything other than what we saw tonight in Episode 10 might not have worked out as well. Someone named...William. Dolores looks up at The Man In Black and says, "William" and recognizes him instantly. • Both William and the Man in Black separately express their views of the park as a "story," to use their word. William and Logan searched for Dolores, retraced their steps, but couldn't find her.

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All rights reserved. He told Logan that their company Delos would do better with himself at the top and sends Logan off into the unknown to die. William had to be the Man in Black. And William Owns Delos. • Over the course of the season, it's revealed that the Man in Black is a high-powered philanthropist in the outside world, and even a member of the board that oversees the park. • In the fifth episode, the Man in Black kills traveling companion Lawrence (Clifton Collins Jr.) in a remote section of the park. You really helped me find myself," William tells Dolores. It didn't work.

8:30pm PT That, along with the reveal that the Man in Black was a major shareholder in Westworld, made the connection even more possible. • Returning to William's first moments in the park, there's a beat where he considers taking a black hat before he settles on a white one, foreshadowing the journey of a good man on his way toward darkness. Did Westworld Reveal the Man in Black's Identity? NEXT: Learn The Meaning Behind Season Finale Title "The Bicameral Mind", MORE WESTWORLD: 90-Minute Finale Will Have Answers / Arnold's Identity Revealed / Arnold's Killer Revealed / How The Man In Black Is Connected To Westworld / Who Is Arnold / The Man In Black's Backstory Revealed / What Planet Is Westworld On / Logos May Reveal Two Seperate Timelines. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. © 2020 The Hollywood Reporter From his very first scenes all the way through the penultimate episode of the season, William's destiny appeared to be on a collision course with the Man in Black. The Man In Black begins telling a story that William turned and found his true self in Westworld, as we see William take off his white hate and put on a black hat instead. The Season One finale delivered exactly what we expected. All the pieces were there, and we watched them assemble this season like a complex machine. Part of me thought all the theories were wrong—that Westworld's showrunners had come up with a different identity for Ed Harris's Man in Black. What did you think of the finale's Man in Black reveal? Sitemap | It seemed like the Man in Black (Ed Harris) would finally be in his element after the season one finale of Westworld. MORE WESTWORLD: 90-Minute Finale Will Have Answers / Arnold's Identity Revealed / Arnold's Killer Revealed / How The Man In Black Is Connected To Westworld / Who Is Arnold / The Man In Black's Backstory Revealed / What Planet Is Westworld On / Logos May Reveal Two Seperate Timelines. The picture. Almost instantly, Lawrence reemerges in the William and Dolores story — yet another suggestion that William and MiB were the same person operating at different moments in time. Westworld airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO. Josh Wigler, [Warning: This story contains spoilers for the season one finale of HBO's Westworld.].

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