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women's safety in public transport

Droits d'auteur © 2010–2020, The Conversation France (assoc. The project helps integrate the unique needs of women into public transport planning, operations, design and policy. As women rely on public transport for access to employment, education and other public services, making it hard for them to be mobile also reinforces inequality. Photo by Benoit Colin/EMBARQ. The observable differences between how men and women travel around cities can be attributed to the gendered power hierarchies entrenched in our society. EMBARQ India collected data on commuters in Bhopal, which helped in identifying the gender differences in travel Women's Safety in Public Transport - A Pilot Initiative in Bhopal by Amit Bhatt, Ranjana Menon and Azra Khan - August 2015 In India, EMBARQ, sustainable urban mobility by WRI, is helping the city of Bhopal improve transport access and safety for women. “These trips are more expensive in terms of time and money” (Kunieda and Gauthier, 2003, 6). 8.3 Women’s Experiences in Using Public Transportation 31 8.2 Women’s Behavior While Using Public Transportation 31 33 8.3.1 Personal Security 8.3.2 Women’s View of Public Transportation 8.4 Women’s View on Possible Solutions to Improve Public Transportation 37 Conclusions 40 Recommendations References Graphs and Tables Annexes 43 44 47 48 Rather, as primary caregivers and members of the informal and formal labour force, women’s movement through the city criss-crosses and zigzags – one trip could involve multiple places and destinations for diverse purposes. 1st Floor, Godrej & Boyce Premises, Gasworks Lane,  Public transport providers perpetuate this message by advising commuters to regulate their behaviour to stay safe. The survey caused a lot of outrage among the public who questioned its methodology, however, that women’s safety is a major issue which needs immediate attention, cannot be ignored in India anymore. More than 800 crores of … Public transport spaces, for instance, incubate many systemic issues. The same study points out that, “In order to cope with [lack of personal safety], [women] develop a series of strategies, ranging from refraining from traveling on certain routes, or at night alone, to carrying pins while traveling on the bus in order to keep molesters away” (Gómez, 2000, 2). Moreover, public transportation includes spaces where diverse forms of gender-based violence against women occur on a daily basis, including sexual abuse, harassment, groping, the use of vulgar language, intimidation and assault. In India, EMBARQ, sustainable urban mobility by WRI, is helping the city of Bhopal improve transport access and safety for women. From 6:00 pm to 12:00 am, women are once again the group most affected by robberies. Ensuring safe public transit for women and girls does not simply mean establishing initiatives exclusively targeted at women and girls (see the example of “women-only” programmes in the Programme Implementation section). Voir les partenaires de The Conversation France. Therefore, initiatives encouraging safe public transit for women and girls should not be limited to improving motorized forms of transport. In concert with these efforts, public transit systems in particular must be planned and designed to accommodate women’s specific needs in terms of the routes they travel, the times of day they depend on public transit, the places they wait for public transit, and the places they get dropped off by public transit. Available in. Women do not simply go directly from place A to place B in a day (e.g. Become a member . Monash University apporte des fonds en tant que membre fondateur de The Conversation AU. There is a pressing need for locally-adapted gender-sensitive transport strategies that combat the bias towards men’s needs in terms of variables such as route trajectories and frequencies (Peters, 2002, 3). Abdul Shaheed from Fiji says, “Unless we acknowledge real time needs of women, their safety, our transport system cannot be efficient”. In public transit, it is very common that women have to get off at multiple destinations, pay multiple fares, and travel during off peak hours (Peters, 2002, 7). In 2010, a study by Jagori in Delhi found that one in two women have faced sexual harassment while using public transport. Urban environments are not gender-neutral. DELHI For women, this includes a disproportionate fear of victimisation in public transport spaces. The distinct needs of old and young people, the disabled, and other vulnerable groups also need to be considered in public transportation planning. What inititatives have been developed to date? Society is now acknowledging how factors of race, age, disability, socioeconomic status, sexuality and gender intersect to influence the everyday lived experiences of Australians. For all of these reasons, safe public transit for women and girls must be based on the recognition of women’s and girls’ distinct roles, needs and experiences. This compendium assembles voices from the transport sector on the critical issue of safety for women in public transport and transport more generally. Our members. It is a time when robberies occur on principal transit routes in TransMilenio (Bogota’s light rail system). By 2030, public transport use is predicted to grow by 30% in Australia. Safe public transit designed from a gender perspective is an essential component of safe cities for women and girls. Surveys show that most women who use public transport feel exposed to physical or verbal aggression, sexual harassment and other forms of violence or unwelcome behavior, leading to personal stress and physical harm. Poorly considered land-use zoning policy separates residential areas from employment locations, with a greater impact on women’s mobility. What Is Safe Public Transit For Women And Girls? We need to rethink our approach to safety design to reflect this understanding. Thus, even though in reality a complex diversity of different household structures exist, public transit continues to cater to this outdated ideal of the middle-aged, male breadwinner who goes from the home to his place of employment in the morning and back again in the early evening. Want to become a member. Instead of gender segregation, researchers suggest gender-sensitive design could be a better way to ensure safety for all. As a result, avoiding danger in these areas has become a priority for women as they move around the city. Several nations, including India, Pakistan, Mexico, the UK, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, Philippines and European Union states, have introduced segregated public transport or taxi services as a response. Gender-related transport needs and constraints addressed in project design, implementation and evaluation. DELHI, INDIA - OCTOBER 16: passengers alighting metro train on October 16, 2012 in Delhi, India. But if we are to properly address this widespread issue, we need to include diverse voices in the conversation and conduct more research into how these environments contribute to sexual harassment. The present victim-blaming approach to safety on public transport does not only affect cis-gendered women. Women feel less safe than men being out alone after dark, especially in the inner city, or social housing complexes. Many completely avoid public transport spaces. Researchers have found that lack of proper enforcement of the law, excessive passengers on buses, lack of adequate lighting in the vehicles, lack of supervision, etc., are some of the main reasons for sexual harassment in public transport.

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