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xiumin parents

›   Hobi Xiumin adalah bermain bola dengan Luhan, dan setelah bermain bola mereka akan pergi makan. MV Aries. ‘Falling for Challenge’ was the most watched web drama in South Korea in 2015. Lay mengatakan kalau Xiumin terlihat lucu saat menggerak-gerakkan kepalanya ke kiri-kanan. ⋅appeared on the show "인생술집"(Mar 15)" and He later became a trainee through S.M. ⋅appeared on the show "식신로드". 이불 밖은 위험해"(Apr 5 ~ Jul 12). Setelah Luhan ngabisin Dou zhi er, Xiumin lah orang pertama yang nyuapin buah dan ngasi tisu ke Luhan. There is not much known about her because Xiumin’s mother told him not to reveal anything about her identity, He is also part of the sub-unit EXO-CBX alongside with Baekhyun and Chen, He appeared in EXO’s 11th and 23rd teasers, Xiumin was chosen as the funniest and strongest member among EXO-M, Though his looks make him appear as the youngest member, he is actually the oldest, He is the neatest, strongest and cleanest member in EXO-M, He is the most organized and the one who gets up the earliest, Right after he wakes up, he tidies his bed, When he was younger he joined a martial arts school because of a free toy, According to Chanyeol he seems cute but he’s actually manly, Xiumin is close with Super Junior’s Henry and Sungmin and f(x)’s Amber, He has been chosen by his band-mates as the member who is least likely to cry, Kris said that Xiumin’s strength was being approachable and understanding, Xiumin is afraid of cats because he was attacked by a cat when he was young, A thing that Xiumin must do everyday is having a bath, He also likes Chinese hot pot, spicy Sichuan food and Huo Guo, One gift that he’s very grateful for is a huge selection of ‘Manga’ given to him by fans, Xiumin bought a coffee maker and makes coffee for the members, He wants to be a barista and wants to open his own coffee shop in the future, He doesn’t like it if someone touches his face, His role models are Super Junior and JJ Lin, He says that he would be bold enough to actively pursue a girl, but he would leave subtle hints that he likes her, He says that his special talent is shouting, Xiumin said that he would like to be an architect, Luhan says that he makes a lot of silly gestures, His idea of a romantic gesture is personally making coffee for the girl he likes, He says that dieting is very hard for him. Kris says that Xiumin’s true strength is being approachable and understanding. (Mar 3)   Xiumin dipanggil ‘Minseokie-oppa’ oleh Amber. In 2013, Xiumin made a guest appearance alongside actress Kim Yoo-jung in the music video for the song ‘Gone‘ by South Korean singer Jin, now a member of Lovelyz. At a young age, he garnered a black belt. Making Hobi Xiumin adalah bermain bola dengan Luhan, dan setelah bermain bola mereka akan pergi makan. Ubah ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. ›   Xiumin pernah di mention oleh Amber f(x) di album ‘Pinocchio’. ⋅released song "You Are The One" for OST of the drama "도전에 반하다". Dalam mv MAMA kekuatannya adalah membekukan apapun yang disentuhnya (Frost). Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ( Logout /  Life and Career: 1. Dan ternyata anak kecil itu.. cowok. Pop Singers. Xiumin is currently single. ›   Sesuatu yang harus dilakukan Xiumin setiap hari adalah mandi. Karena menurut mereka, Xiumin itu lucu, tampan, dan ‘manly’. 1. (Apr 8)1 2013 ⋅appeared on the show "식신로드". 2020 Meeting his parents -Xiumin EXO one shots. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE /* Style Definitions */ table.MsoNormalTable {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”; mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0; mso-tstyle-colband-size:0; mso-sty… Miley Cyrus. ›   Sangat menyukai menyanyi dan menari, gerakannya termasuk excellent. (Oct)3   MCnya juga nyuruh anak kecil itu nyium pipinya Xiumin. ›   Xiumin pernah memenangkan SM Everysing Contest pada tahun 2008, dia dapat juara ke 2, dengan menyanyikan lagu Emerald Castle – Step. ›   Lay mengatakan kalau Xiumin terlihat lucu saat menggerak-gerakkan kepalanya ke kiri-kanan. ›   Xiumin bilang “mei guan xi (its ok)” waktu Tao nangis saat merindukan EXO K. ›   Xiumin itu kuat, dia bisa meres handuk sampe bener-bener kering. font-size:11.0pt; Chen memilih Xiumin sebagai ‘King of Detail’. Night Mode a a a a. Xiumin adalah member ke 7 yg direval SMent setelah Lay. Gavin Magnus. ›   Kata Xiumin, D.O itu lebih imut daripada dia. ⋅enlisted into the army. Xiumin’s is ‘, EXO members ranking according to forehead measurement, from longest to shortest: 1) Xiumin – 7.6 cm, 2) Lay, 3) Kai, 4) Chen, 5) Suho, 6) Chanyeol, 7) D.O. Xiumin Is A Member Of . ›   Saat Tao dan Xiumin merasa bosan di dorm/kamar. He currently is on active service in the Army. Mereka akan mulai untuk berpelukan. in 2008. Saat MC meminta Xiumin menjawab pertanyaan dalam bahasa China, Xiumin menjawab dui bu qi (I’m sorry) karena ia belum fasih bahasa Mandarin. All of them gets together till now.13. Kris says that Xiumin is very helpful in taking care of the Korean members. ›   Untuk membuatnya fasih bahasa mandarin, Xiumin tidak diperbolehkan sekamar dengan Chen. ›   Saat SMA Xiumin dan Dongwoo Infinite satu sekolah. Xiumin is a eldest member of EXO and the unit EXO-CBX. He doesn't eat squid. Entertainment musical ‘School OZ’ alongside label-mates Changmin, Key, Luna, Suho and Seulgi. Furthermore, he developed his skills by learning wushu as well as fencing. MV ›   Saat pertama kali bertemu Xiumin, Luhan mengira bahwa umur Xiumin lebih muda darinya. Taylor Swift. Xiumin pernah di mention oleh Amber f(x) di album ‘Pinocchio’. table.MsoNormalTable Les représentations ont eu lieu entre le 22 octobre et le er décembre au Olympic Park Woori Art Hall à Séoul[14],[15]. #Xiumin Meeting Xiumin’s Parents (requested By Anon) Xiumin Did Something Amazing At A Wedding And Netizens Are Daddy Kink (Xiuhan Fanfiction 18+) NaeSushi 리마 On Twitter: "here, #WOOSHIN's Family XD #LUMIN #LUHAN Xiumin … (Feb 8)   In China he used to share a room with Tao and in South Korea he used to share a room with Kris and Luhan, When Tao first met Xiumin, he called him “, He has a lot of fan boys in China because they think he’s cute, handsome, and manly, He said that when he and Tao shared a room, he couldn’t help but stare at Tao’s butt. ⋅played main role in web drama "도전에 반하다". Semua member memilih Xiumin sebagai member yang paling lucu. 1. mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt; Dalam mini album MAMA, Xiumin paling menyukai lagu MAMA. 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He was envious of it, His mother told him not to stand next to Kris or Tao because it made him look shorter, Behind Xiumin’s cute and innocent exterior, he is actually academically smart, Even with EXO’s crazy schedule, Xiumin still finds time to attend all of his university classes punctually, When Xiumin can’t sleep, he’ll watch anime, He says that he’s a very good listener and he, He says that as long as he is in a clean environment, he is very happy, In a radio program, Xiumin said that his younger sister really wanted to meet Jongdae (Chen) because she really likes him, Kris and Xiumin’s common favorite food is Jeokbal, During trainee days, Sehun and Xiumin took the subway together to go home, Xiumin beat 2AM’s Changmin in an arm wrestling, In Weekly Idol, D.O.’s rankings of the most handsome face in EXO are 1: Suho, 2: Luhan, 3: Sehun, 4: D.O., 5: Kai, 6: Kris, 7: Chanyeol, 8: Tao, 9: Lay, 10: Xiumin, 11: Chen, and 12: Baekhyun, Xiumin is the only EXO member who doesn’t have double eyelids, The internet open is an advanced registration system of words where collections of EXO’s neologisms are entered.

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