At Watson & Associates, LLC, Our lawyers come from a diverse background of business, federal government, and procurement sections. The founder, Theodore Watson served in our militaryFederal Government Contract, GAO Protests and Business Lawyers forces, and after retiring, returned to the U.S. Government contracting sector as a procurement manager and small business program executive.

When clients come to us, our first initiative is to get to the heart of the problem and provide them with a concise and dependable legal opinion as to the merits and potential results. We do not believe in increasing your cost for litigation unless absolutely necessary.

We do not engage in guesswork. Legal research and providing legal authoritative support for our decisions are essential to establishing our longstanding credibility. With law offices in Colorado and Washington, D.C., our attorneys have established a credible reputation in Federal Government Contracts law throughout the U.S.

Colorado businesses and individuals retain our services for various business transactions and litigation services. The firm practices exclusively in the area of federal law and bid protest law in Washington, D.C.