Bid Protest for Guaranteed Minimum in IDIQ FAR Procurement Contracts

Many government contractors often wonder how an agency decides the guaranteed minimum in FAR IDIQ procurement contracts. There somewhat a national consensus that the guaranteed minimum is not worth the effort of writing a proposal for government contracts.

Nevertheless, when bidders decide to challenge IDIQ guaranteed minimums, they should still be aware of the rules.

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Define Indefinite?

To define “indefinite”, you must look at the terms and conditions of the IDQ contract itself. Given that the government must continue to use the best value approach to spend taxpayer dollars, the definition of “indefinite” is not taken literally. Generally,  FAR IDIQ contracts do not exceed a five-year period. Within the contract terms and conditions, the minimum and maximum amounts are specified.

FAR IDIQ Rules FAR 16.5

GAO has decided that Government contracting agencies may use an IDIQ contract under FAR 16.5 where it cannot predetermine, above a specified minimum, the precise quantity of supplies or services that will be required during the contract period and where it is inadvisable for the government to commit itself to more than a minimum amount. Federal Acquisition Regulation FAR 16.504(b); Aalco Forwarding, Inc., et al., B-277241, B-277241.15, Mar. 11, 1998, 98-1 CPD ¶ 87 at 6.

Since the multiple award IDIQ procurement definition does not specify the precise work that will be provided and is not a requirements contract, the agency applies an explicitly guaranteed minimum in IDIQ contracts, or quantity consideration, to bind the parties.

More Than Nominal Amount in FAR IDIQ Minimum Guarantee Contracts

To ensure that a contract is binding, the minimum quantity must be more than a nominal amount, but should not exceed the amount the agency is fairly certain to order. FAR 16.504(a).

Federal procurement regulations, FAR 16.5  and GAO bid protest decisions have recognized that there is not set number or formula that shows what is a nominally guaranteed minimum for IDIQ contracts. However, the determination of whether a stated minimum quantity is “nominal” must consider the nature of the acquisition as a whole. Carr’s Wild Horse Ctr., B-285833, Oct. 3, 2000, 2000 CPD ¶ 210 at 3. Find out more about the VA’s small business set aside rule of two.

  • The minimum guaranteed amount in FAR IDIQ contracts must be evaluated in the context of all of the specific facts and circumstances of the procurement.
  • If the government issues a termination for convenience but does not pay the minimum guaranteed amount, it could be found in breach of contract.

The guaranteed minimum in multiple award IDIQ contract vehicles makes some effort to make the government to offer some level of consideration. Otherwise, bidders would use substantial resources when responding to government proposals. Then the government buys nothing. This would not pass the reasonableness test. Also, find out more about claims and adjustments under the Davis Bacon Act wages requirements.

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